Top 5 Casual Sim Browser Games (Review)

Top 5 Casual Sim Browser Games (Review)

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Top 5 Casual Sim Browser Games (Review)

This week, we are taking a look at a selection of casual simulation games from developers Upjer. Known for creating a host of sim games from farming to resort bulding, which are the ones that are worth playing? Read our selections to find out more.

5. My Free Zoo

First up is My Free Zoo. The game involves animal herding and amenity building and takes a lot longer to progress than others on this list. You are a zoo manager and are tasked with saving the zoo. To do this, you’ll need to build it up and get more visitors and money by building more enclosures with animals. There is an XP progression, and the higher your level, the more options you’ll unlock to access rare animals. Its funny that you start out with pigs, sheep and rabbits, nothing you’ll see in an actual zoo. The graphics are less attractive but has a larger map and play area compared to compared to the rest of the games we’ll be talking about next.

4. My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies is very bright and colorful as opposed to the simpler aesthetics of games like Harvest Moon and other farming games. It’s a little distracting, but the gameplay is pretty good. While it does have building objectives, the real farm stuff is fun. You buy and grow crops that you can turn into produce such as flour, to sell to customers that visit your farm. The fact that you manually click on crops to water, harvest makes you feel involved a lot more than usual. It’s that feeling of growing and selling that reminds me of the good old Harvest Moon days which makes me spend more time in My Little Farmies.

3. My Sunny Resort

My Sunny Resort fulfils your dream of becoming a holiday resort owner and builder. You get to set up bungalows and decorate the interior with amenities that your guests will need. The objective is to always have rooms available for visitors on your island, on top of keeping their food, entertainment and comfort levels up. It’s the closest thing to a Sims game and made more fun due to the resort building, which is a fun niche. The graphics of the lodgings rare intricately designed compared to other games on this list, which I found realistic and enjoyable.

2. Wauies

Wauies is a pet store simulator, a combination of two popular things, sims and pets. In Wauies, your objective is to build up your pet store, earning experience points through completing story quests and successful management of your store. This involves smart micromanaging of the various types of dogs and cats that you’ll breed, raise and sell, in addition to making sure customers get exactly what they want when they visit. A lot of progression will be available within the store, and more advanced items such as better dog pens and rare breeds will unlock at later levels. Placing new departments in your store will advance in real time, but of course you can speed this up with premium currency. Wauies graphics are pretty spot on especially when it comes to the authenticity of the pets.

1. My Free Circus

My Free Circus is a similar type game involving sim management and it’s my number one pick. I found this to be the most fun of the lot. Graphics are in 3D and the gameplay is actually pretty fun. Just like the others, building your circus involves buying and placing circus performers and animals. In addition, you’ll need to plant and harvest crops to feed and train them as well. The main objective is to get them ready for the circus show, which is going to be bringing in the bulk of the revenue. It’s a lot more engaging than the rest. You will be invested in what you do, and can even watch the circus shows in person which is a great pay off.

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