Top 5 Free To Play Fantasy Strategy Browser Games 2019

Top 5 Free To Play Fantasy Strategy Browser Games 2019

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Fantasy strategy browser games are still in business, and contrary to popular belief, makes a lot of money for game publishers. Players however don’t care about that. We all want something that’s free and fun to play, so what are the top free to play strategy browser games of 2019 with a dash of fantasy?

#1 League Of Angels 2

League of Angels 2 is the sequel to the much beloved first, and is one of the best browser MMORPGs on the market today. Players must recruit their squad of angels and embark on adventurous quests to save the planet. What makes the game unique is the fast-paced combat that is strategic and fun. Your decisions will matter, especially how you go about building your party for combat. Each angel has unique abilities that can be triggered to maximize the total party’s damage output. On top of a good story line, the world of Sapphire itself is deep in lore and very immersive. There’s a lot of free content here for players to enjoy, and spending money is completely optional.

#2 Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

As an officially licensed game of HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones, this browser game has a lot to live up to. GTarcade has created a very pretty strategy browser game featuring all the iconic characters from the show. In true strategy fashion, the gameplay of empire building is the same formula as it’s ever been – build, research and recruit – all taking time to complete that real money can finish quickly. But Winter Is Coming also does a few things differently, like emphasizing on its Commander mini-game, where players can collect heroes like Robb Stark to fight side battles, go on expeditions and even man the kingdom’s defenses against attackers. It’s just another layer of RPG micromanagement to an already exhausted strategy sim that fans of Game of Thrones might just like. As for other pros, the graphics are hands down one of the best we’ve seen for a browser game. Expect to be spending plenty of real money though. Official games like these are the perfect cash cows.

#3 Vikings: War of Clans

In Vikings: War of Clans, your task as a Jarl is to strategically raise your village into a Viking empire. Be prepared for the eventuality of war too. Other player’s and their villages are situated nearby to you on the map. War in the form of raids are huge possibility the more you play, so what do you do? That’s where some strategy and planning comes into play. You have to plan the resource buildings within your kingdom to maximize your armies. Train from several tiers of Viking themed soldiers and units to defend yourself and attack others. You are given a Hero too, who gains levels and uses gear that will help you greatly. But don’t forget your technological research! Strategize which research boons will aid you greatly when just starting out, and that should help you in the late game. This is one of the best games of the genre in recent years, plus Vikings, so it’s a win-win.

vikings: war of clans

#4 League of Angels 3

The world of League of Angels in the third installment is about to be destroyed by an ancient threat, and players are sent back in time to collect legendary weapons and recruit powerful companions to prevent this catastrophe. The game features full 3D graphics that looks excellent on any browser. Questing remains largely unchained from the second game, whereby players follow a theme-park style quest chain that is tied to the main story. Along the way, players will unlock more gameplay mechanics such as manual combat, mounts, dungeons and more.

Combat and progression has been given a face-lift and feels significantly better than before. You will need to collect heroes that joins your party in formation during turn-based combat sequences that feels strategic and fun. At end-game, there are high level world boss fights and other content to do, which makes the journey there worthwhile. While the in-game cash shop may be attractive, plenty of things on sale serve to speed up progression and are not necessary for purchase to play the game effectively.

#5 MU Ignition

Save the world of Mu from a new threat in MU Ignition, a browser-based MMORPG. Choose to be a Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or an Angel, each with their own skill trees. Complete quests and defeat enemies to level up and distribute stat points to build your character to match your playstyle. Synthesize and enhance armor and weapons found as loot. Tackle various dungeons in parties of up to four which automatically adjust to the party’s overall level. Participate in PvP at the Chaos Castle as an individual and join a guild to partake in team-based battles. Acquire a mount to move faster in the game world and get pets that will guard and protect your main character.


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