Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Mounts Ranked From Worst To Best

Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Mounts Ranked From Worst To Best

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Guild Wars 2 has just revealed Long Live the Lich, Episode 3 of the Living World Season 4. The new episode will continue to story involving Joko’s evil schemes, but more importantly, players will be getting a brand new mount! To celebrate the arrival of the Roller Beetle, we’ve compiled a list of Guild Wars 2’s mounts, ranked from the least useful to most. Usefulness here involves how beneficial are the mount’s special abilities throughout the entire game, including vanilla regions.

5. Jackal

While the Jackal earns last spot on this list, let us be clear, this mount definitely has uses. It’s special ability is to “phase” forward through shifting sands, able to bypass clusters of enemies on the landscape. This move is also needed for entering secret sand portals found in the Path of Fire expansion and beyond. Within these secret rooms are often treasure chests, and ocassionaly Hero Points and Vistas. Now based on usefulness alone, the Jackal’s specialty besides avoiding enemies is rendered useless in anywhere else in Guild Wars 2, as there are no Sand Portals outside of Path of Fire and beyond.

4. Skimmer

Skimmer’s are up next, when this beatiful animal resembles the Manta Ray in the world of Guild Wars 2. As far as usefulness is concerned, its combat ability takes precedence over its special movement ability. When tiered up with Mastery Points, the Skimmer can combat revive any downed player on the landscape. This is particularly useful for landscape events and boss fights both in Core Tyria and in the Crystal Desert. It’s movement ability however, is a one trick pony involving bodies of water. Skimmers glide over water surface, making it faster to travel long distances to reach locations separated by seas and rivers. The latter ability will be situational, but very handy in areas like The Desolation where water makes up 50% of the landscape.

3. Springer

Jumping around the world to get to hard reaching places is a fun challenge in Guild Wars 2. With the Springer, these things are made simpler a dozen fold. The Springer’s movement ability allows players to charge a high jump to reach high places. And it is up on mountain sides, ledges and more is where you’ll find Vistas and other points of interest. Unfortunately, mounts are disabled in areas where jumping puzzles are, so don’t get your hopes up about ‘cheesing’ puzzles using a Springer.

2. Griffon

Griffons are the ultimate achievement mount, only available to players who have completed the Path of Fire expansion, a sequence of achievements and have 200 Gold to spare. It’s a premium mount and for good reason. Griffons are the closest players will get a flying mount in the game. They don’t fly per SE, but glides instead from high places with fantastic speed, and can sustain its air time continuously if you know how. It’s really useful for long and fast travels, and it can also jump a little to get to high places, in-case you miss a landing. Its combat ability is also cool, being able to dive bomb in the air into scores of enemies or to get to a boss fight that’s already begun.

1. Raptor

And the most useful mount of them all, is ironically the first mount players receive in the Path of Fire expansion. The Raptor is all about speed, and MMORPG players love being fast when it comes to anything and everything. Raptors are able to cover long distances lightning fast thanks to its movement ability, which leaps forward in long strides. You have two charges, but they do replenish pretty quick. You’ll find a majority of players using Raptors by default in game, and only switching to another mount when the situation calls for it. Its combat ability isn’t bad either, and can round up enemies in a cluster for convenience.

Which mounts do you think is the most useful in Guild Wars 2?


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