Top 5 MMORPGs On Consoles 2018

Top 5 MMORPGs On Consoles 2018

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Are you looking for MMORPGs on consoles to game on your couch? We’ve got you covered. This year, the list of console MMORPGs grew bigger, and may yet still increase. Here’s our top 5 MMORPGs to keep an eye out for on consoles.

5. Neverwinter (XBox/PS4)

For a Dungeons & Dragons licesnsed game, you can’t go wrong with Neverwinter. For starters, this MMORPG is free to play, and all its story content remains playable without paying. Players begin their journeys as budding adventurers and quest through a series of theme park ‘modules’, that takes you all around the Forgotten realms. The high point of the game is its combat system, which is action oriented and feels great with a controller on both PS4 and Xbox. The down side is, expect to do plenty of daily grinding in order to be competitive at the level cap of 70 for BiS gear. Besides that, it has all the quirks you’d expect of a DnD adventure. From multiple authentic classes, character progression, and even being a DM in the Foundry mode. However, Neverwinter performs just fine if you’re looking for a casual MMORPG to play on your couch.

4. TERA (XBox/PS4)

Developers En Masse Entertainment loves claiming that TERA has the Best Damn Action Combat ever, and they may have a point. This Asian style MMORPG is a true hack and slasher, offering tons of fun with its quick paced action combat system that puts Tab Targetting on PC MMOs to shame. TERA takes place in a fantasy world where players grow their characters to save the world from the war of the Gods. It’s also free to play, and like Neverwinter, relies on cash shop micro-transactions to keep the servers running. TERA is also a charming game, with cartoon style graphics that is attractive. The PvP modes are decent, but it’s the PvE group play at end game that you will enjoy more, with plenty of dungeons to run with your gaming group.

3. Black Desert Online ( Release: Summer 2018/XBox)

BDO would be higher on our list if it was already released, but it’s coming out soon. Confirmed for the Xbox One, Black Desert Online is one of the highest rated MMORPGs coming to consoles this year. The game boasts incredibly flashy graphics – especially its character models that you can have hours of fun tweaking in the awesome character creator – and realistic world to boot. The combat system is also fantastic, which relies on basic attacks and combo skills that makes it easy to grasp but harder to master. In the open world of BDO, expect to be doing a ton of life skills for progression, from fishing to cooking, in addition to following a main story in PvE. The end-game is PvP centric however, with large Guild battles taking place in territories found on the world. Did we mention there are no loading screens? Unfortunately, for all that goodness, expect it to remain buy to play on console release.

2. Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV/PS4)

When it comes to JARP, no one does it better than Final Fantasy. Out since 2014 when it rebooted itself, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is the ultimate Final Fantasy Online experience. The game is traditional when it comes to MMORPGs, so expect to see no action combat in addition to a lot of MMO tropes. These includes plenty of back and forth style quests and feature unlocks that must be done through progressing the main story. However, you may not find that a problem because the main story itself is an amazing experience. Packed with tons of beautifully rendered cinematic with voice over cut scenes, the story does soak you in. But don’t count out it’s group PvE content though – the Trials and dungeons are no pushovers. In addition to that, FFXIV already has two major expansions out, adding more content to the game. Keep it mind though, it will cost you to experience the quality here. In addition to PSN fees, FFIX is a subscription only MMORPG.

1. The Elder Scrolls Online (XBox/PS4)

And number one on our list needs little introduction. The Elder Scrolls Online is the quintessential couch MMORPG that offers something for everyone looking for an immersive or casual fantasy world. Winner of MMORPG of the Year twice in a row, ESO is the gift that keeps on giving. Everything you expect from an Elder Scrolls game is here. You can pick up side quests, or journey through Tamriel with the main story, or join an Order like the Dark Brotherhood and kill everyone, or just go nuts in PvP with it’s two modes, or just run dungeons and trials all day – the choice is yours. ESO reverberates quality, even down to the most basic side quest. They’re all fully voiced acted, and has a story of some sort. There’s just so much adventure to be had in ESO, and for a buy to play game, we’re calling this one value for money. If the base content becomes stale, there is an option to purchase an optional subscription to get all the DLCs.

Which console MMORPGs would you add to our list?


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