Torchlight Frontiers Will Have Its Closed Alpha 3 On March 5th

Torchlight Frontiers Will Have Its Closed Alpha 3 On March 5th

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Torchlight Frontiers developers Echtra Games has revealed that another closed alpha is coming. The closed alpha 3 will begin on March 5th, and there will not be an NDA. Additionally, players who partook in the previous to alpha tests will automatically get an invite to this one. For everyone else, you can sign up for a chance to get in via the official website here.  You can find below the details of what changes to expect in this alpha, as well as an FAQ.

You can expect a full set of patch notes prior to March 5th, but here’s a short summary of significant improvements:

  • Frontier Levels have replaced the old Weapon and Armor Skills
  • Wardrobes are now available to store your gear collection within your Fort
  • New Mapworks features
  • Pet equipment slots
  • Expanded Hyvid Frontier area and quests
  • New intro experience
  • Improved Waypoint system

Q: When does Closed Alpha 3 start?
A: March 5th! We’ll announce the start time on our social media channels when we get closer to the date.

Q: When does Closed Alpha 3 end?
A: Short of scheduled updates and maintenance downtimes, we’ll keep the game running 24/7.

Q: Will there be more invites?
A: Yes! We’ll be sending more invites immediately prior to the start of Closed Alpha 3 to those that have registered. You can also tune in to our Twitch livestreams for a chance to win a key.

Q: If I participated in the previous Closed Alpha tests, can I play Closed Alpha 3?
A: Yes! If you’ve participated in either Closed Alpha 1 or 2 then you’re automatically invited to play in Closed Alpha 3.

Q: Will there be a progress wipe?
A: Yes, there will be an account wipe before the start of Closed Alpha 3. We hope to limit other progress wipes so that you can make significant progress in the live service to test and provide feedback into the mid and late game experiences.

Q: Is there an NDA for Closed Alpha 3?
A: No! The NDA will be removed for Closed Alpha 3 going forward. Feel free to livestream and share your images, media, and videos of the game.

We’re overjoyed to have you with us for Closed Alpha 3! It’s not too late to sign up for a key on our website if you haven’t already. Follow our social channels on Twitter and Facebook for more info, full patch notes, and more as we get closer to March 5th. Be sure to join the conversation with the devs and other players like you on our official Discord server.

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