Twin Saga: A game changer for Aeria Games?

Twin Saga: A game changer for Aeria Games?

twin saga

We all know Aeria Games company have a tendency to flunk their games in the long run. Merely because they appeal towards pay-to-win players, giving them more privileges in the game. However, as of April 2016, the Twin Saga was announced. It appeared to everyone that the game is yet another anime-styled MMORPG and was released in August for beta-test, early access and such. Below are just my opinions based off actual gameplay and honest opinions, so do keep an open mind.

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twin saga

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Graphics and features: WOW!

While I am very sceptical about the whole idea of anime-styled MMOs, this one however just had my motor going. Twin Saga has one of the most beautiful, or just simply the most beautiful anime graphics. You can tell it is top-notch from the character creation to the environment of the game. Everything is up-to-date and is expected off today’s games.

Interactive environment is something to note about as well. For example, entering your first town in the game, you can walk up to birds in an empty area and they’d fly off until the coast is clear to land. Just like real life! Speaking off that, the cut scenes in the game are also very well done as they are quirky yet befitting the art style they are going for. Each character has their own unique voice that befits their style, therefore creating better immersion and interest for the story that they are trying to tell.

The skills in the game are phenomenal. While the game tries to avoid over-flashiness much like Dragon’s Nest just to reduce the cluster of spamming your window. It is still attractive in its own sense to create an impact while playing the game. Trust me, it’s a good thing especially you’re in large raids or PVP. Sometimes you just want to know what is going on, rather than spamming buttons mindlessly and getting frustrated when you die.

Twin Saga has one of the most beautiful, or just simply the most beautiful anime graphics!

Character creation and customization.

The game allows you to choose between 10 different classes. However, the developers wanted to ensure that the players experience more to the game rather than just testing out each character by locking most of the classes. By choosing between swordmaster, mage and gunslinger; players progress in the game gaining achievements and unlocking the other classes such as cleric, paladin, hunter, rogue, berserker, occultist and dragonknight.

In terms of customization, there is not a lot to work with as the game intends to keep players within the art style, fitting into cut scenes and mixing around with other players. Come one, I’m sure you wouldn’t want a fat, bespectacled-pedophile-like character in the game. However, if you do intend to beautify your character, head on to the cash shop and get yourself some bling and rings. Get all fancy and show off to your friends.

Senshi: What is it?

Senshi appears to be a function much like pets and companions. In fact, it is just like that. Players gain these companions throughout the game and may level them up by collecting stars. Note that each player gets to equip up to 3 members, providing them assistance such as buffs and functioning like a party. So if you do intend to solo the game and avoid annoying players, do not worry about it. You’ve got your Senshi companions with you by your side every step of the way. But, remember, you have to gain their trust first. To add on, each companion is able to provide the player with an ultimate move, much like a combo attack dealing an enormous amount of damage or an strong effect.

Story and role-playing action.

While many of you play the game for their story, Twin Saga is packed with dialogues and rich story. Already equipped with a high quality and quirky cut scenes, the dialogues between NPCs are not to be missed out. Even the NPCs have their emotions from time to time, check that out! While those of you are not interested in the story, don’t fret, just click the continue button and be on your way with the quests.

Completed the game, tired of quests and farming more gold? Check out other stuff such as the Terracottage. It’s basically your own house packed into your pockets and accessible anytime anywhere. It’s a place to show off to your friends, hang out with and also your work space. By work space I mean the workshop where you’ll be working on your profession such as crafting, alchemy, cooking and aside from the gathering, fishing and farming held outside.

Did I also mention you have a greenroom where it is basically a garden filled with luscious greenery and beautiful flowers. If you’re into deadly plants that could eat your pals, sure! Go ahead! You may also feature some of the nastiest bosses in their holographic form. Flaunt your accomplishments in beating them and acquiring your fancy gear.

Remember, guild and parties are also essential in an MMO game. Get interactive, join the ranks and be at the top of your game. Take charge and lead your “kouhais” to victorious battles! But most of all, have fun doing it so!


I’m usually sick of an anime-style MMORPG, even more so that the developers were from Aeria Games. But this, this got me thinking a lot. So tune in, and get your game on for this is a game worth playing.

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