Ubisoft's For Honor Is Steadily Losing Players

Ubisoft’s For Honor Is Steadily Losing Players

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Ubisoft’s For Honor Is Steadily Losing Players

It feels like only a short time has passed since For Honor was released, garnering critical acclaim for its gritty melee multiplayer bash fest. For all the hype, Ubisoft did have a lot of issues with it.

Peer to peer is one of them, and it severely hampered game queues and matchmaking even to this day. But perhaps the biggest qualm today is that the game just can’t hold onto its player base. PC Gamer are reporting that For Honor has lost around 95% of its player base on Steam.

While there are no indications of player numbers from Ubisoft’s own launcher, it’s a troubling sign. What’s worse is that even with new content additions, such as the latest heroes, nothing changes.

The game launched the Shadow and Might update a few months ago, with new heroes and maps. That saw a small jump according to data site Githyp, but the figures have dwindled again. Major online games tend to struggle with “sophomore” period – the first six to twelve months after release.

That period is perhaps the most crucial, more so for online multiplayer games than MMORPGs. Players are always looking for the best online competitive experience, and will move on swiftly if they can’t be satisfied in the current game. So what went wrong with For Honor? If you have a theory, we’d like to read about it in the comments!

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