Uncharted Waters Online introduces Atlantis

Uncharted Waters Online introduces Atlantis

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Uncharted Waters Online introduces Atlantis:

Uncharted Waters Online has just received a new update and this weeks Acropolis update has brought Atlantis to the game along with a variety of other features and modifications. The developers behind Uncharted Waters Online has uploaded quite a bit of information to the official website.

Episode 3 is the climax of the Acropolis updates where the different nations have discovered the mystery of Atlantis and are each nation is racing to unlock its advanced technologies. There are eight main story quests for players to complete and the last three quests offer players a choice, only one quest needs to be completed or players can complete them all. Once those story missions have been completed, more quest lines will become available which are split into different parts.

It’s been confirmed that Atlantis moves every Monday meaning that players will need to re-complete the quests each week to find the city; once the city has been found, players can travel to it freely using normal ships. Atlantis is the hub for ancient technology research and players must go there to complete the Ancient Technology Research quests for their nation.

New Blessings of the Gods have been added in this update; there are a variety of blessings for players to obtain at Atlantis which provide a range of useful bonuses however, players can only have one active at any moment.

Away from Atlantis, a wide range of new quests are available and players can collect some new maps to find hidden treasure and items. Three new ships have been added with this update and the Land Battle System has seen several improvements to make the experience smoother.


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