What's Your Favorite MMO Festivals?

What’s Your Favorite MMO Festivals?

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MMO festivals and seasons are something all players look forward to. There’s new activities to do, new fun rewards to earn and most of all, it brings the community together. Months and months of questing and farming PVP is usually brought to a halt when festival season shows up. And there is usually a good reason! Some MMORPGs out there have great festivals with unique celebrations that are really memorable. Here is our top 3 favorite MMO festivals from the games we play. But start leaving yours in the comments, we’d love to read about your favorite festivals too!

Harvestmath Festival In The Lord of the Rings Online

The Harvestmath Festival in LOTRO usually signals the start of Halloween season. The denizens of Middle Earth take a break from their battle against Mordor by visiting The Shire. What’s there in the land of peaceful Hobbit folk you ask? Well the Haunted Burrow of course! Situated right beneath Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole, the Burrow is a brilliantly designed maze full of surprises and jump scares.

Players can participate in daily quests to save Hobbits within the Hunted Burrow for festival coins. What I love about the Burrow is that no matter how many times you’ve visited over the years, it’s still fun. The different dark corners and costumes and traps are all well placed, making this one of our favorite festivals ever.

Super Sandbox Adventure In Guild Wars 2

Next up, we’re heading to Tyria for Guild Wars 2’s Super Sandbox Adventure Festival. This is one of the most unique MMO festivals of all time, simply because there is nothing like it. Coming usually in Spring, the SAB transports players to a whole different world. In SAB, everything changes into a pixelated world with cute and funny graphics. There’s new characters, new quests and a story that will keep you pretty hooked.

Guild Wars 2 doesn’t skimp when it comes to the rewards either. Players can earn some pretty rare and sweet loot for simply participating daily. The only down side is that the SAB only comes once every year! Oh but that isn’t the best part. Put on your jumping shoes, because you’ll be doing a lot of expert jumping in the SAB.

Halloween In The Secret World

And finally, we have the Samhain Festival in The Secret World. Also known as Halloween, no one does Halloween festivals like The Secret World. These guys take the scariest time of the year seriously, and it’s always a joy to head back in to TSW to see what creepy stories there is to experience.

Every year, the excellent team of writers create a spectacular series of quests that revolve around some dark myth in the spirit of Halloween. It’s usually gripping, full of plot and mystery, making it satisfying to play through. Quests isn’t just what it offers – Samhain usually comes with new reward bags, giving players a chance to earn some awesome looking Halloween outfits.

What about you? What are you favorite MMORPG festivals? Let us know in the comments!



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