Which MMORPGs Should Launch Classic Servers Next?

Which MMORPGs Should Launch Classic Servers Next?

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Classic servers, limited time servers and fresh start servers have become increasingly popular in MMORPGs. Over the past two years, plenty of MMORPGs – especially long running ones – have released new servers that roll back to the early days of its beginnings to offer players a walk down memory lane. Lord of the Rings Online has their Legendary Servers, while WoW has WoW Classic and even The Burning Crusade Classic coming up.  With the hype and positivity surrounding classic servers in addition to the benefits it brings to classic MMORPGs, which games could use fresh start servers in 2021 to give the game and its player population a boost?


TERA used to rule the world of Asian MMORPGs for a time, with its tactical action combat system which was ahead of its time, until Black Desert came along. TERA in 2021 is all but a shadow of its former self, with player numbers whittling down. While the game has gone through many changes since launch and even a change of publisher and platform, things aren’t looking rosy for this once beloved action combat MMORPG. This is where classic servers or limited time progression servers, where the focus is more on events or leveling for rewards to bring back to the main server once it’s over could definitely help entice players to come back.

Star Wars The Old Republic

SWTOR is on a road to recovery this past couple of years, with solid game updates that have changed the new player experience, and added to the game with more story content which is satisfying for veterans and more.

A fresh start server here that hearkens back to the humble beginnings of the Republic vs. Empire would excite many players, where the focus is on level 50, and perhaps some timed leveling events offering free ways to gain much sought after items from the store that one could take back to the live servers would all be things players might like. Knowing “EAware”, they would charge a sub for this server, but you’d be surprised at how many would pay up for that close to vanilla experience.

Final Fantasy XIV

While FFXIV certainly doesn’t need any help with player numbers, this popular subscription MMORPG by Square Enix has no reason for an event server of any sort. Or does it? A classic FFXIV server could definitely be interesting, as it focuses on the vanilla game to give new players an chance to experience what it was like at the beginning, or for veterans to relive their early days. The problem is, vanilla FFXIV wasn’t all that great was it, as the newer expansions, its stories and dungeons and raids are what truly makes the game. So while this one is up for debate, it may happen in the future when FFXIV gets older.

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