Who Will Be The Fastest Gamer In The World?

Who Will Be The Fastest Gamer In The World?

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 Who Will Be The Fastest Gamer In The World?

The famous Formula 1 team, McLaren, are looking for new drivers to test their simulators. Not many details were disclosed, but McLaren are on their way to conduct an E-Sports event to find the fastest gamer in the world. It doesn’t matter if you play on a mobile device, console or on your personal computer, you are are eligible to play on the McLaren contest. The winner of the event will win a 1 year contract to test McLaren’s F1 team simulators to help the real F1 drivers.

I think that this is probably one of the coolest events ever for gamers with a passion for racing. There are plenty of racing simulators for gamers to test out. However, the emphasis on these is the gamers satisfaction. If you won’t enjoy the game you won’t play it. Some of them try to mimic real life racing but I don’t think that the common gamer can understand the physical aspect of racing. The average F1 racer loses around 2KG every race, it is very hard to grasp the real experience of the driver.

However, these games are an excellent precondition for testing a better and more professional simulators. It seems like in this event, everyone wins. Finally, racers from every game and console will compete on a neutral simulator to test their abilities. The simulator isn’t biased because it’s main emphasis is creating the most complete F1 driver. The prize competition of almost every racing simulator.

If you are looking to apply, please click on this link. It will direct you to the McLaren F1 Team Twittr handle where there are a lot more details.

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