Why Secret World Legends Needs Its New Content Out ASAP

Why Secret World Legends Needs Its New Content Out ASAP

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Secret World Legends will have a pretty interesting 2018 I reckon. Having relaunched from The Secret World in June last year, Funcom’s ‘shared world RPG’ has taken on a new life in the free to play MMO market. It’s game where all myths and conspiracy theories are true, and where players represent secret societies in their quest to unravel it all in due time. While there are plenty of Funcom nay-sayers about, SWL has been trudging along well enough. For starters, the past couple of Funcom financial reports reveal that the game is actually making money since its F2P transition. Who would have thought!

While the financial side looks somewhat decent, it’s the actual in-game side of things that’s currently facing a lull. Here’s why,

No New PvE Content (3 years and counting)

The relaunch as we covered in the past, was a much needed rebirth for Secret World Legends. A freemium model, new players, and redesigned mechanics and systems are nice and all. However, from an existing player point of view, it’s been very much same old same old.

Keep in mind, those that have been playing since launch have already done all the content multiple times over. The initial expectations were managed by Funcom, with them saying that they’ll start SWL’s road map with the re-introduction of the Tokyo maps again. Many expected that to mean that more time would be spent developing the continuation of the game’s main story. That was in June 2017. Here we are toward the end of January 2018 and we still have no clue about when anything new drops.

Burnouts & Retention

Why’s that significant you ask? Because players are getting bored of doing the things they’ve already time multiple times. Based on Steam Chart numbers and in-game population, it appears a large majority of players have gone to play something else in the meanwhile. That could be dangerous for Funcom, especially if a significant portion of those players are Patrons/subscribers.

What doesn’t help is that SWL’s official road map is right there for all to see on the game’s website. It clearly states that Dark Agartha at least, will be ready late 2017 or early 2018. Many on Reddit and elsewhere are now using this against the game. For Funcom, doing that puts them in a no win-win situation. Nobody likes to be given promises that one can’t keep or meet. The reality is, we don’t know exactly when the new content will be ready, so when it comes, it comes.

What Can Players Do Meantime?

The same old. Personally, I’ve been re-doing missions for the Anima Shards. I’ve kind of lost my excitement of running dungeons. Having multiple difficulty tiers with the Elites are nice, but it wears out really fast. And what of PvP? Shambala, out of all the former PVP modes which includes Fusang, Stonehenge and El Dorado, is probably my least favorite. It’s mindless, quick and there really isn’t a point to do them for any sort of progression.

So here’s to hoping we see brand new content for Secret World Legends sooner rather than later, for everyone’s sake.

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