Winter Has Come To Eorzea: FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2020 Guide

Winter Has Come To Eorzea: FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2020 Guide

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration is now live in the MMORPG. The annual festive spectacular will be available for all to enjoy until 31st December, with this year’s instalment bringing new quests, characters and rewards to collect – including a very ‘cool’ holiday mount. Here’s a guide to everything available this festive season.

All New Event Participation Rewards

Preparations for this year’s festivities are well underway, or at least, they should be. A young man of abundant wealth and self-assurance – and considerably less abundant Starlight spirit – has been tasked with overseeing the event, and his plans for the season appear to be anything but promising. Amh Garanjy is seeking help from anyone and everyone in the hopes of pulling off a Starlight miracle.

Rewards for participating in the event include:

  • Snow-Dusted Tree – Few realize the “snow” that rests on the boughs of this outdoor furnishing item is in fact cake icing.
  • Unmelting Ice Partition – One of the few furnishings that must rely on mystic energies simply to maintain structural integrity.
  • Unmelting Ice Loft – Though the ability to defy the laws of gravity and nature is certainly impressive, the best thing about this handy platform is that footprints can be made in the thin layer of snow on top. Go ahead, try it!
  • Snowman Bell – For some reason, ringing this bell summons forth a behatted and begloved embodiment of festive cheer. With that in mind, it would be rather a shame not to ring it.

Check out the official event page here:

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