3 Things That Matter When Looking For A New MMO To Play In 2020

3 Things That Matter When Looking For A New MMO To Play In 2020

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Free to play MMORPG games can really be hits or misses, especially in today’s market where there are so many titles out there. The problem that many gamers face is finding a quality free to play game that doesn’t take advantage of them. Here are 3 features to look out for in a free to play MMORPG to help you know if that game is worth sticking with.

1. Developers That Communicate

Now before we get into gameplay and monetization, let’s talk about the people that make the game. Communication between devs and the players is a crucial aspect to making any game work. Hearing feedback – both the good and bad – from the game’s pre-release up until launch and then acting upon it, or communicating what will be changing, when, and how are traits of a developer that cares, and puts the player first before profit. That’s becoming a rarity today but some games and their developers are good examples of this. For example, Warframe and Path of Exile, and while both aren’t MMORPG games per say, the way they communicate is excellent.

2. Monetization Versus Content

The problem that developers of free to play MMORPGs face, is balancing how much content they put out versus how much money their game is making. Naturally, many free to play MMOs puts out less content in a calendar year in comparison to a full on subscription MMO, like Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft. F2P games often release in small doses, and even if they try a quarterly release schedules, the quality may not be as good. At the same time, they might be seeing more new things and releases in the cash shop which may be irksome. Therefore, if you find a free to play MMO that juggles this well – high quality releases with its gameplay content and not just cash store focus, then you know you’ve found a great game.

3. The Players and Community

Another feature to keep a lookout for when finding a top quality free to play MMORPG, is in its playerbase and the community. This can often give you a window into what type of MMO it is, and how the devs go about running things. Now every MMORPG out there has trolls, toxic players, immature folk and the elitist, but in F2P titles that’s usually multiplied tenfold. So if you find that a game’s community is extremely welcoming, helpful to new players and aren’t full of toxic players, then you can count your blessings.

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