4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out The Lost Ark 2019 Russian Demo

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out The Lost Ark 2019 Russian Demo

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Lost Ark is a Korean ARPG MMO that is coming to the West very soon, but you can already get a taste thanks to Mail.ru’s demo. The game is bringing several cool features to the Western version that will excite players. For a top down hack and slasher, one might be forgiven for thinking this game will just be another clone of Diablo. And you’ll be dead wrong. Besides the obvious, Lost Ark also has several key features in-game that lets players do more than the usual for an MMORPG/ARPG, and here are a few of them.

The Sandbox Elements

Much like what Black Desert offered players, Lost Ark will similarly let players live a virtual second life with sandbox elements. Players will be able to engage in activities like mining, fishing, lumber-jacking and other life skills for progression. BDO did this to great effect and is often praised for allowing players to explore these sandbox elements within its theme park MMORPG. In Lost Ark’s case, the ARPG nature of the game will bring a closer experience to games like Ultima and RuneScape which is a big plus for Western gamers eager to give it a shot. It may play like other ARPG MMOs already out like Albion Online and Legends of Aria, but there’s more than meets the eye here.

Raid Bosses and Cinematic Dungeon Experience

Group content is key for ARPG games built on the foundations of MMORPGs and Lost Ark is no different. The game will have numerous raids and dungeons that players can tackle for the loot. However, expect a more cinematic experience within them. Asian games are all about looking flashy without too much substance, but Lost Ark aims to change all that. You’ll not only enjoy the rush of the boss fight, but expect pretty cinematics in between that hopefully fleshes out more lore and story to give the game immersion.

Breaking Monotony With Mini Games

While the gameplay will be somewhat similar to most ARPG hack and slash games, Lost Ark does try to stand out a lot. One way its doing so is by including mini games that players can participate in. You’ll be able to take part in events such as the card and keg drinking game, which is such a refreshing thing to do in MMORPGs. Not many utilize mini-games within MMOs, save for games like FFXIV and Maple Story 2. But as is the case, it offers players a way to break the grind and other gameplay monotony or just to have fun with friends.

Ownership Of Your Own Island

So after all the adventures, quests and PvP that players do in Lost Ark, where can they relax? The answer is on your own island. Lost Ark will let players take home ownership to the next level by letting players acquire their own islands. On it, you can do your crafting, life skills and more. It can also be the social space for you and your friends or your guild. These are just some of the ways that Lost Ark is leveraging to be one of the most intuitive ARPG MMOs of today’s generation.


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