5 Awesome Things Happening With Black Desert Online This August

5 Awesome Things Happening With Black Desert Online This August

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5 Awesome Things Happening With Black Desert Online This August

Major revamps are coming to Black Desert Online this month. If you weren’t happy with the audio and graphics before this – which is highly doubtful – you will be after August 2018. Pearl Abyss are planning a grand remastered event to highlight a new graphical enhancement coming to the game. This includes visuals for models, environment, lighting and even to the game’s audio. The event will be for the first time ever, livestreamed globally for both players and media alike, which you can tune into on August 11th at 15:00 KR. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening this month.

5. New Guild Raid Boss: Ancient Puturum

While Adventurers wait for the big remaster, they will be able to face off against the new Guild Raid Boss “Ancient Puturum” in the Valencia Desert starting this week. This is one big baddie that definitely requires you and your guild to be ready for. Be sure to bring everything – from your fancy clothes to your potions for this fight! For more information about the update and other ongoing events, check out the website.

4. All Game Packages Are On 30% Discounts

To celebrate the spectacular new updates, Pearl Abyss is currently offering a 30% discount on all packages. This is the first time in quite a while that BDO has had a discount or sale for its packages. Black Desert is a buy to play MMORPG which means no further purchase is necessary past the base game cost. Currently, the are four packages available for adventurers ranging from $5 to $30 in price, without the discount factored in. If you’ve been holding off, now’s a great time to get the game. Detailed information about package discounts can be found here.

3. Remastered In-game Celebration Event With Rewards

But wait, that’s not all happening in-game. Pearl Abyss will also be rewarding loyal players with some goodies for Likes on the official Remaster event page. Clicking the Like button will get you a Blessings of Kamasylve (1 Day) per family. This is a handy buff that provides boosts to plenty of things in-game for your character. If the Like button gets hit more times, more rewards will become unlocked. These includes Gold Bars, Lauren Family Gift Boxes and more.

2. Remastered Video and Audio Developer Keynote!

Pearl Abyss will be hosting a live showcase on the 11th of August to highlight the new changes, but you should also be excited about a like keynote. This month will be one of those rare occassions where players and the media get to watch the developers present their case for the new video and audio remasters. Hear what they have to say live and right from your browser without needing a ticket to South Korea.

1. 4K Remastered Graphics Showcase and Audio Concert

Most exciting of all however, is the major changes that will happen in-game to BDO’s graphics. Black Desert Online remains one of the best looking MMORPGs today and Pearl Abyss wants to raise the bar higher. This month, BDO Korea’s livestream reveal of the changes includes a 4K vide demo that will highlight the awesome new crisp, crystal clear graphics. If that wasn’t enough, the composers of the OST will also conduct a special concert that players can tune in to watch right here.


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