5 Big MMORPG Launches Coming In September 2019!

5 Big MMORPG Launches Coming In September 2019!

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September is shaping up to be a fantastic month for MMORPG players. There’s plenty of titles hitting early access, closed betas or launching in full. Below are the top 5 MMORPG games launching in September 2019 that we’re hyped about.

1) Eternal Magic MMORPG Closed Beta Test

First up on September 4th, is the beginning of the closed beta test for upcoming free to play MMORPG, Eternal Magic. Eternal Magic from the outside looks like your typical run-of-the-mill classic theme park fantasy MMORPG, and that’s because most of what the game offers is exactly that. There are a few interesting features perhaps, for example, while the game caters to both PvE and PvP, it’s the player versus player game modes that are receiving a lot of marketing push.

This MMO will feature 80 player Guild Wars, open world pk-ing in certain zones and a MOBA mode, which lets you plays exactly like a game of DOTA or League of Legends, and that’s possible because Eternal Magic does have a click to move built in. There will be no region blocks for this one, it’s made in Asia and this version of the game is being published in Eastern Europe with servers for players in NA and EU at launch. So, how do you get into the CBT? For guaranteed access on the fourth of September, you’ll need to pick up a Gift Pack from the official website, and the cheapest one costs $15 USD.

2) Caravan Stories PS4 NA Launch

On the 10th of September, PlayStation 4 players in North America can get their hands on Caravan Stories, a free to play anime-inspired MMORPG that’s well received in Japan, where the game was made. Caravan Stories puts players in the vast world of Iyar and players must recruit heroes, tame monster companions, and beat back the threat that endangers the world. To do this, you’ll engage in real time party based combat, and putting together the ideal party composition, consisting of your recruited NPCs and pets will be key to deciding the outcome of PvE battles, dungeons and raids.

You’ll also need to make sure that your caravan is well stocked and decorated to your liking, because that’s the key to all of this, your caravan serves as your mobile home base and it travels to the world with you, in addition to crafting stations, armaments for defenses and more. Caravan Stories is a unique MMORPG exclusive to the PS4, and from what I hear it has plenty of JRPG influences when it comes to the narrative and characters. If you want to jump into Caravan Stories on the 10th, simply look it up in the PSN store on launch day, and again it’s free to play.

3) Population Zero Closed Beta

On September 19th, survival MMO Population Zero will be having its Closed Beta test phase. Population Zero puts hundreds of players on the newly discovered planet Kepler, and your job is to colonize it, if you can. The game features an action combat system, in-depth crafting and building, research and a class progression system with perks that many RPG players will be familiar with. Unlike other survival MMOs out there, this one will be narrative driven with factions you can join. The wildlife is organic and will fight back, whilst the environment in general reacts to the collective behavior of the inhabitants, made possible thanks to the complex algorithms in-place.

It sounds like an ambitious MMO, and right now there are many comparisons to games like No Man’s Sky, or Subnautica either due to how to game looks or based on its systems, so we shall see how they stand out from the crowd within this saturated survival genre space once CBT hits. How do you get into CBT? Firstly you can sign up for an account on the website, and at random you may be selected to get in. Keep an eye out for social media raffles and other giveaways too. For a guaranteed spot in the closed beta, players can purchase founders packs with the cheapest being $10 USD for guaranteed CBT access plus future invites to all further tests until launch.

4) Astellia Launch

September 27th is the official launch date for Astellia, a Korean MMORPG brought to the west by Barunson and EA. Astellia is another one of the new wave of Asian MMORPGs that are doing the buy to play method, which seems to be making some sort of a comeback. Astellia is a theme park MMO in which players will acquire Astells, which are mini-companions that you can summon to fight alongside you as they earn XP and level up, and they have unique abilities and combos to compliment the player characters class.

While there are dungeons and even a tri-faction RvR PvP mode, there are no traditional raids in Astellia, and there is the dreaded dungeon ticket system here. The one thing the developers promise however is that the western version will be free of the pay to win systems that exist in the east, and will let players Play to Win instead. That means no cash shop shenanigans, and interestingly, the developers are even undoing many of the Asian MMO tropes that the game launched with in Korea, such as gender locking of classes.

5) ArcheAge Unchained Launch

On the very last day of September, we have of course, the launch of ArcheAge Unchained. Unchained is the new buy to play version of this sandpark Korean MMORPG that in recent times, hasn’t had the best of reputations when it comes claims of pay to win, and this is one way that Trion, Gamigo and XL games are looking to fix that. Unchained will mirror the legacy servers in terms of gameplay and content, with the biggest difference being the monetization systems. For example, there’s no Apex, no patron status, no Lootboxes, no buying tax certificates for housing, no buying labor points and there’s a restriction on the number of alt accounts a player can have.

All of this sounds good on paper but there’s a long way to go before we see if they’ll keep it that way, or not. To get in Unchained, players will need to buy one of three packages available right now, with the cheapest coming in at $26 USD. All packages will allow for early character creation and name reservation which you should make use of if you want to spend more time in-game and less time in the queue on launch day. You can expect one to two servers for both NA and EU at launch. Also important to note, in a recent stream, the developers have confirmed that ArcheAge Unchained will be coming to Steam, and the global client will be the 64bit version.

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