Top 10 Path of Exile Unique Items for Leveling

Top 10 Path of Exile Unique Items for Leveling

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Top 10 Path of Exile Unique Items for Leveling

Path of Exile is an old school game. Your build choices are somewhat permanent and trying out new builds usually requires leveling a new alt or spending a huge amount of currency. As with most other ARPGs, PoE offers some items that will speed up your leveling process. We gathered our top 10 Path of Exile unique items for leveling to make your leveling as fast as possible. I tried to choose items which are relatively affordable, but if you have the capital I added a bonus section below.

1. Tabula Rasa

To kick off this list I present to you, Tabula Rasa. Now you probably already know about this item but no leveling item list will be complete without it. Tabula Rasa may seem weird to a new player. It offers no stats at all and it simply has 6 linked white sockets. But for leveling having those 6 links is invaluable. Its use is pretty straight forward, you simply equip it and socket an attack gem with 5 support gems for some crazy damage early on.



2. Thousand Ribbons

While Tabula Rasa is the go to choice for most players, newer players might not be able to afford it. If you’re just starting out in PoE or its a fresh league, Thousand Ribbons is a good alternative. This chest armor provides a little bit of everything. It provides a small of amount of all resistances and maximum life and some added elemental damage to attacks and spells. Overall a good alternative if you can’t afford a Tabula Rasa.

3. Goldrim

Moving on to your helmet, Goldrim is a great choice. Providing you with a good chunk of all resistances and a bit of magic find, Goldrim can serve you well all the way up to end game content.

4. Wanderlust

For your boots, Wanderlust can be a good choice if you’re on a budget. Wanderlust provides a good amount of movement speed and mana regeneration rate. And while the mana regeneration rate may seem trivial, it is actually very helpful especially if you’re 6 linking using a Tabula Rasa.

5. Lochtonial Caress

Regarding gloves, Lochtonial Caress fits perfectly with almost any build. Lochtonial Caress provides you with attack speed, cast speed, a fair amount of life, a chance to get power, frenzy or endurance charge on kill, and Conduit which lets you share your charges with nearby party members. All of these affixes make for a great pair of leveling gloves for solo and party play alike.



6. Atziri’s Foible

Amulets are a bit of a tricky piece to recommend a single fits all builds item. But I believe Atziri’s Foible fits the bill. Providing mana, mana regeneration and reduced requirements for items and gems, Atziri’s Foible is a valuable item for leveling almost any build.

7. Belt of the Deceiver

Moving on to belts, Belt of the Deceiver is a viable choice, mostly for physical based builds but a magic user can also get some use of it. Belt of the Deceiver provides a small amount of all resistances, maximum life, strength, global physical damage, reduced damage from critical strikes, and intimidate on nearby enemies. These affixes make Belt of the Deceiver a great choice for physical builds for its offensive and defensive capabilities, and a decent choice for magic users for its defensive stats.

8. Perandus Signet

Now for rings, your best bet is probably a Perandus Signet. Pernadus Signet most notable affix is its 2% increased experience gain. Other than that it also provides mana, mana regeneration, increased intelligence for each equipped unique item, and additional chance for scrolls of wisdom drops. While these other affixes are not entirely useful for every build, the increased exp gain definitely is and the ring is worth using for that alone.



9. Blackheart

The main problem with Perandus Signet is its price. As a new player you might not be able to afford 2 Perandus Signets or even one. Blackheart is a nice and cheap alternative for physical builds. Blackheart provides you with damage to attacks, maximum life, life regeneration and a chance to cause monsters to flee. If you’re leveling a physical based build, Blackheart is a good cheap choice.

10. Andvarius

Lastly to finish off this list a bit of a curveball, Andvarius. Andvarius is a ring which lowers your resistances by 20%.To compensate for that loss in defense, you get big amount of magic find. This ring can make you very squishy if you’re not careful and balance it out with your other gear. But if you do manage to get resistances from your other pieces, the increased magic find can be a great way to start earning currency early on. Other than 20% reduced resistances, equipping Andvarius also has an opportunity cost associated with. What I mean by that is that if you equip Andvarius not only you have less resistances but it also takes a ring slot which can be used for increased damage or defense. Its a risky ring not suited for everyone, but if you can make it work its a great choice.

Bonus Section

This list tried to keep it relatively cheap and on budget but if you can afford it there are some great pricy options. Seven-League Step are a pair of boots which give 50%(!) increased movement speed. They are super expensive but the movement speed is insane.

A more pricy alternative to Tabula Rasa is Skin of the Lords. Skin of the lords also comes fully linked but it has stats on top of it. The downside with this item is that pretty expensive and on top of that you can only socket corrupted gems inside it, which make for even more expensive spending to be made. If you can afford it, Skin of the Lords is an amazing choice as it provides the same benefits as Tabula Rasa but adds some great affixes on top of it.

This concludes our list for top 10 Path of Exile unique items for leveling. I hope this list will help out new and seasoned players alike. Let me know what you think over on our facebook!




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