5 Reasons to play League of Angels 2

5 Reasons to play League of Angels 2

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5 Reasons to play League of Angels 2

There are plenty of great points about this game and as a bonus, this is a free to play game that anyone can access through a web browser. It’s easy to access and play the game which has led to a high player base. If you never heard of league of angels 2 here a 5 reasons to check it out right now..

1 – Party Customization

Players can collect and unlock a large number of potential allies for their party; each Angel has a different combination of statistics which make them good for specific combat roles. Despite the lack of character customization, there are plenty of options for customizing the perfect party. Angels can be placed into strategic combat formations to force enemies to attack specific party members first or can be leveled up to gain new skills.

2 – Automated Gameplay

League of Angels 2 includes an option to automate some of the gameplay which is good news for those looking to play a MMORPG that they can leave to run by itself or play with minimal player interaction. Combat can be automated and there is even a button to increase the speed of the fight which is good for grinding, fighting through the arena can be completely automated and left alone for many hours at a time. Not all gamers like using automated features however and League of Angels 2 does not force players to use these features. All of the game can also be played manually without any negative effects on the gameplay.

3 – High replay value

It may sound strange for a MMORPG but League of Angels 2 has great replay value. Each dungeon in the game rewards the player with a three star rating based and can be replayed to raise that rating or to collect more items. Each dungeon can reward the player with a variety of different items and equpment which are used to increase the strength of the party. There are plenty of reasons to revisit older dungeons which can keep players coming back for more long after it was first completed.

4 -Plenty of multiplayer options

Players have a range of potential multiplayer options to select from as the game progresses through the story. Each player has a Battle Rating which increases as the game progresses and competes in more of the multiplayer modes. While it’s possible to fight against other players, there are also several options that allow players to work together to fight more powerful enemies to gain massive rewards. Most MMORPG’s lack a good variation for multiplayer content but League of Angels 2 has a range of options and plenty of content.

5 – Amazing graphics

The 2D graphics in League of Angels 2 are nice but the combat graphics are spectacular and boss battles can move into a 2.5D perspective which gives them much greater depth. Animations are incredibly smooth to make them look natural and the graphics bring League of Angels 2 to life. For manual MMORPG players, the amazing graphics are a necessity.


League of Angels 2 is a great browser based MMORPG with plenty of great characteristics which makes this one of the better browser MMORPGs currently available. Fans of this type of game can expect a smooth gaming experience with familiar gameplay and strong replay value. This is a game that all fans of this genre should try at least once.

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