5 Reasons to play League of Legends

5 Reasons to play League of Legends

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5 Reasons to play League of Legends:

League of Legends is the biggest MOBA around with one of the biggest eSports scenes, strong competitive base in-game and modes to support casual players. The game has become the standard for the MOBA genre and developer Riot Games is fully dedicated to game with regular updates to ensure League of Legends stays at the top of its game.

There are plenty of reasons to pick this game up and give it a try if you haven’t already but here at the top 5 reasons to play this famous MOBA.

1 – Strong competitive scene

League of Legends has a competitive scene for all types of gamers with an in-game ranking system and several dedicated eSport leagues where players can fight with their team to earn money. The ranking system divides players into different ladder divisions which are used to place people into different skill categories. It’s a simple system that works nicely to separate the casuals from the hardcore professionals while also ensure the competitive scene is constantly growing.

2 – Good for all skill levels

It’s no surprise then that League of Legends has something to suit players of all skill levels. There are places for new players to learn how to play the game without being threatened by the more experienced crowd and there are interesting modes for casual players to jump into. This MOBA has become one of the best around for players of all skill levels without compromising on the overall quality.

3 – Varied gamemodes

MOBA’s are traditionally a PvP game and League of Legends certainly has a range of these modes but it also features some PvE modes where players can battle against the AI for more casual matches. There is almost an unlimited amount of gamemodes available in this game with even player-created modes for gamers to test. The incredibly varied gamemodes makes it difficult for League of Legends to become repetitive while also keeping the content fresh.

4 -Over 120 playable champions

The different playable champions are split between the six classic MOBA roles such as Tank and Support which may sound as though the game is very limiting but this is not the case. There are over 120 unique champions in the game for players to select from. Each of them have their own abilities that make them perfect for specific roles in battle.

5 – Lots of customization

While other MOBA’s limit customization to skins, League of Legends also allows players to customize their champions to specialize them further. Champions can be customized using various systems to improve their speed, HP and even their damage output. The most interesting customization mechanic however are the Mastery Trees which act like talent trees seen in RPGs where each tree grants the character with unique bonuses. There is plenty of customization here and players can even create their own skins which can be submitted to a database and used in games.


Not only is League of Legends one of the best MOBA’s currently available, it’s also backed by a dedicated development team and surrounded by one of the largest gaming communities around. In 2014 the team announced that the game had 67 million players accessing the game each month and its popularity certainly hasn’t decreased. It blends casual and competitive gaming together without compromising or reducing the quality of the game. League of Legends is a good choice for all MOBA fans and the PvE is a good place for new players, casuals and first-time MOBA players alike.

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