5 Things You Need To Know About LOTRO Legendary Worlds: Fresh Start Progression Server

5 Things You Need To Know About LOTRO Legendary Worlds: Fresh Start Progression Server

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The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) dropped a bombshell announcement yesterday. This fall, Legendary Worlds will be coming to the game – a fresh start progression server that allows players to re-live the early content chapter by chapter. Here’s the 5 most important details you need to know.

It Won’t Be Free When It Launches In November

Legendary Worlds will be leveraging that nostalgia factors that classic/progression/fresh start servers tend to do. But who can access it? The server will be available for all VIP subscribers and lifetime players. The monthly subscription costs around $15 month, so it’s in-line with other games that share similar servers. Take RIFT’s Prime server, which also costs the same. Monetizing a nostalgia server like this does indeed work and may prove popular among former and returning players. Therefore we can expect this to be a good source of revenue for developers Standing Stone Games. For players, another piece of good news is that it won’t require a separate launcher to download in November. You can access the server using the same client you already have for the Live servers.

Starts With Shadows of Angmar at Level 50 With New Updates Every 4 Months

The server will be capped at level 50, during the Shadows of Angmar content cycle. It’s perhaps the most vanilla period of the game, and players will be able to experience the first raid cluster and stories that shaped the future of Middle Earth. Angmar as a zone was sort of unforgiving back in 2007 and one does miss that sense of wonder and terror when questing there. Additionally, Angmar contains a huge amount of dungeons and group content for players. This includes landscape group quests too, which is something the current live game doesn’t offer in abundance.

The LOTRO Store Cash Shop Exists

While it is a nostalgia server, it’s not entirely classic because the LOTRO Store will be a part of the new Legendary Worlds. The in-game cash store will still see XP boosts and other convenience items, but don’t expect to see level boosts. Items like the Aria of the Valar will not be available at launch. However some other items may be considered once the server has progressed higher in content and level.

Current Day LOTRO Systems Used

Another reason why this isn’t labeled a classic server is because no classic assets or systems will be used. The current day iteration of LOTRO will be prevalent, like the new classes. Players can play Rune-keepers, Wardens and Beornings, which are all new classes added after launch. Moreover, the High Elf race that arrived with 2017’s Mordor expansion will also be available. Additionally, mechanics like 2013’s class Trait Trees will also be there, so don’t expect a pure vanilla server. It remains to be seen if other modern systems like Essence or Mines of Moria’s Radiance systems will make an appearance in the future.

No Legendary Weapons and PvMP

And because it launches with the cap of level 50, the Legendary World server will not have Legendary Items. That system arrived with 2008’s Mines of Moria expansion, which will only arrive at a later date. Thus, players will be using classic non legendary weapons for Angmar end-game content, which is a fun and interesting challenge. For PvMP players, unfortunately, there will not be any PvMP on the new progression server, but it may be something the devs might include in the future.



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