A Crap Load Of Emotes Are Coming To Conan Exiles

A Crap Load Of Emotes Are Coming To Conan Exiles

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A Crap Load Of Emotes Are Coming To Conan Exiles

If you think your characters in Conan Exiles are dull, you have a point. Besides the usual pointing, grunting, and yelling when you die, you really can’t do much else.

All that is about to change apparently. The official Twitter for Conan Exiles says that players are about to get a preview of some brand new emotes.

What’s more, there will be over 50 of them! It will be intersting to see what some of these are. I’d love to see a /slap emote so I can give my griefers a piece of my mind for the gank and robbery.

With all these new emotes, the core command system will need a revamp. That’s exactly what’s going to happen, as the game will receive a revision to the emote system. Apparently, players will have a better command and execution system to express themselves with these new emotes.

That’s not all that’s coming to the survival world of Conan. The latest patch will also seek to address the issues with the repair hammer, thrall aggro and mouse chat scrolling.  There was also a mention of fixing a player exploit that involves players falling through the ground and attacking bases from below.

Overall, great news for CE players. You will no be able to express your feelings freely!





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