Albion Online: Guild Warfare Season 4 Brings Exclusive Rewards & More

Albion Online: Guild Warfare Season 4 Brings Exclusive Rewards & More

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Sandbox Interactive have released details regarding the upcoming Guild Warfare Season 4 for Albion Online. The new season starts on September 29 and participants are given the opportunity to get exclusive rewards and immortalize their own story in the game. Additionally, all players will receive 7 days of free Premium plus a 25% boost to all PvE Fame earned.

During Albion’s fourth Guild Warfare Season, players who participate in a guild which earns at least Bronze rank are eligible to claim exclusive avatars and the epic War Rhino. The new mount combines elite combat capabilities with tremendous damage resistance and offers more and more epic visuals in higher versions (tier 5 to 8). For the first time, Guild Warfare progress is also visible in the updated Season Ranking UI.

Players in the highest-ranking guilds will also be able to claim their place in the new Conquerors’ Hall. This new building in the heart of Caerleon features custom-built monuments honoring the top three guilds of each season. The hall will be expanded bit by bit with each season and includes the winners of the last three Guild Warfare seasons. The Conqueror’s Hall will go live at the end of Season 4.

The developers have some additional extras in stock in preparation for the upcoming season: from now until September 26, all players will receive a 25% boost to PvE Fame earned from gathering, crafting, and killing mobs. Additionally, players who log into Albion Online before September 26 will receive 7 days of free Premium.

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