Archeage (2013) Review

Archeage (2013) Review


AArcheAge is a 3D MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Erenor; the player is sent of a journey across two of the continents in search of the city of Delphinad. There are two opposing factions for the player to join which have two unique classes to select from; players can customize their own class by combing three of the available skill sets. The sandbox nature of the game allows players to build their own mansions, farm or craft items. It allows players to gain experience points in a variety of ways and allows for a wide range of play styles away from combat. There is open world PvP and large scale guild battles.

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Archeage Features

Sandbox MMORPG – There is total freedom over how to play the game and a variety of ways to gain experience points.
Customizable Classes – Build a unique class by blending three skill sets together.
Faction based open world PvP – Surprise players in the other faction and fight them anywhere.
Guild battles – Compete against other guilds in fortress sieges, battles for territory and more.

Unique Class system.
Total sandbox freedom.
Lots of content.
High replay value.

Limited playable races.
Some of the game is behind a paywall.
PVE is weak.

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