Ascent: Infinite Realm Teases Single Player Dungeons

Ascent: Infinite Realm Teases Single Player Dungeons

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After months of radio silence from Kakao Games and Bluehole about Ascent: Infinite Realm, new details are starting to emerge. The upcoming steampunk MMORPG will be getting single player/solo dungeons when it releases. Single player dungeons are similar to group dungeons in the sense of providing a unique challenge with the prospect of rare loot. However in solo dungeons you are on your own.

Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) is an online MMORPG based in a steampunk world with an airship civilization. The airships are the main means of transportation and players increase power by utilizing their airships and fighting against opponents.

After their home on Harth was destroyed, the inhabitants had nowhere to turn but up, and so they took to the sky. Players need the airships in order to move and explore the new floating lands supporting the survival and reconstruction of the faction.

As players progress, the terrain and altitude become higher and tougher, and the enemy threats become more intense. The airships contain powerful weapons to help deal with the sudden appearance of monsters and enemy threats. Mounts, pioneering equipment, and weapons must be enhanced in order to sustain expansion and protection. The constantly evolving airships and weapons are the core survival strategy of A:IR.

See below for more screenshots of solo dungeons.




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