Elsword Begins Summer Festivities With the El Search Party Collection

Elsword Begins Summer Festivities With the El Search Party Collection

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KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is kicking off the Summer season with a brand-new feature – El Search Party Collection. The new feature will arrive on July 15th alongside a plethora of special events that run through July 15th to August 5th to help players get started on their Collection.
The new El Search Party Collection feature is the newest feature to arrive in Elsword and is designed to encourage and reward players for playing multiple characters. For each unique character from Elsword’s 40 different Job Paths, players can receive buffs for all of their characters. This means there’s more incentives to enjoy each and every character available.
Check out the details of the El Search Party Collection here:
To help players get started on their Collection, there will be 4 weeks of Growth Support Events starting July 15th designed to allow players to create a new character and bring it to its maximum levels with some of the best equipment in the game within a matter of hours.
During the first and third week of the event (July 15th – July 21st and July 29th – August 4th), create a new character and quickly play dungeons from each region to earn some of the most powerful equipment in the game while getting a level-capped character within hours.
During the second and fourth week of the event (July 22nd to July 28th and August 5th to August 11th), acquire 98 Philosopher’s Scrolls which are special items that will grant any character a full level-up per use. Focus it on a single character or spread it across multiple characters to get even more characters at maximum level.
Want to more details on the Growth Support Event, Check out this link:
With bigger and bigger updates to come this Summer, it’s the perfect time to get into Elsword and prepare for all the content. So, if you haven’t yet had the chance to check out Elsword, check out Elsword today with the El Search Party Collection update.

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