SMU Offers A Degree In Video Game design

SMU Offers A Degree In Video Game design

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degree in video game design

SMU Offers A Degree In Video Game Design.

Awesome news video games fans. Now, the Academia is acknowledging the growth of video games and offers a degree in video game design. SMU (Southern Methodist University) is a private college in Texas that offers a degree in the field. So, if you can afford 52,000$ of tuition fee a year you can study video game design at SMU. There are plenty of other options to study how to make games. However, the Academic world will enable better research. There is no formula to why some games are incredible and some are awful.

I am not fond of overpriced tuition fees for studying. Therefore, I have ambiguous feelings towards the SMU degree. I believe that if you are a talented person you won’t need the SMU degree. Even the makers of Growtopia have started as Indie game makers. The users are the ones that make a game successful. They are the barometer of success. While it sounds amazing to study game design, I don’t think that paying 52,000$ will enable you to actually do it.

If you will take such a financial obligation upon yourself you will have to work your ass off for a corporate for 20 years in order to pay the loans back. From my experience, the Academic world doesn’t train you to be business savvy. What it does is enable you to think differently and handle challenges better.  While it sounds promising, it doesn’t guarantee you anything. Therefore, if you think that you will make the next League Of Legends fresh out of school you are wrong. You will have to fail many times before you will succeed, while SMU might be able to help out, it isn’t necessarily worth the price

So, if you have rich parents you should go for it. But, if you are going to take a loan that will haunt you for the rest of your life I advise you to study game design not in SMU.


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