Astellia Releases Headstart Details And Pre-order Pack Items Vault

Astellia Releases Headstart Details And Pre-order Pack Items Vault

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We’re just a day away from upcoming MMORPG Astellia’s headstart launch in the west for Legendary pack owners. Barunson & EA has released key information regarding headstart times for all each pre-order pack type, in addition to instructions on how to claim your items.

If you have purchased a pre-order pack for Astellia, below you’ll find the headstart times:

Legendary Pack
– Start Date: 9/20 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Platinum Pack
– Start Date: 9/23 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Gold Pack
– Start Date: 9/26 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Official Launch Start
– Start Date: 9/27 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​

Astellia will also have the Product Vault in-game, a tab on the Cash Store window that let’s you claim all your pre-order items you get depending on which pack you’ve purchased. But remember, you can only claim your pre-order items one time.However, if you are a Legendary or Platinum user, both the Legendary Character Costume and the Legendary & Platinum Mount can be claimed an unlimited amount.​​ Other items like the Beeswax Tokens, Cobalt Rota Skin, Norden’s Favor, Scrolls of Exploration, Ring of Exploration, and Warehouse Expansions are limited to one time use on claims and will be bound to the character in which you claim them on.

For more details on the upcoming launch, head over to the official website here.

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