Atlas Reactor (2016) Review

Atlas Reactor (2016) Review

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AAtlas Reactor is an online turn-based strategy game where players fight in PvP battles or work together against the AI. Players fight in a four-phase turn system where every player plans out their movements before every player makes their move at the same time; there are over 15 Freelancers to select from each with their own unique abilities. There are multiple gamemodes where players work together as a team in casual and competitive modes.

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Atlas Reactor Features

Unique gameplay – Battle other players with a unique four-phase turn system where every play takes their turn at the same time
Various game modes – Battle others in duels or fi
Over 15 Freelancers – Select from a range of unique characters to fight with
Competitive Seasons – Fight in seasonal campaigns and gain rewards by completing challenges

Highly strategic
Variety of Freelancers
Competitive gameplay
Duel and team based battles

Limited maps
Currently still in beta
Few game modes
Practice mode is limited

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