Battle For Azeroth: Uldir Raid Taloc Boss Guide

Battle For Azeroth: Uldir Raid Taloc Boss Guide

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Welcome to this quick Taloc boss guide! The Battle for Azeroth Uldir raid opens tonight, September 4th, and by now players are raring to go. Located in Nazmir on the Zandalar continent, the entirety of the Uldir raid is in an old laboratory and a quarantined place. It’s a dark sanctum of secrets which has been locked away for centuries.  However, with the corruption of the Zandalari, Uldir must be conquered in order to defeat the the final boss: the Blood God G’huun. The first boss of the raid will be Taloc, and below is a brief TLDR guide for players interested in the raid.

Also important to note, tonight’s unlock is only for Normal and Heroic difficulty, with Raid Finder (LFR) and Mythics coming later on September 11th.

Taloc Boss Overview

Taloc is the first boss of the Uldir raid and has some interesting mechanics for the group, consisting of three different phases and an elevator fight. In this encounter, Taloc the Corrupted fills the room with blood storms that cause shadow damage to players.  His ‘Cudgel of Gore’ can be thrown at enemies to cause shadow damage, and inflict a knock-back ability. He will power down around 60% health, but his damage taken is 99% reduced, so it is imperative to fight the Coalesced Blood and Volatile Droplets which swarm the room.  From this point on, you must fight both Taloc and the adds in order to defeat this boss.

Quick Tips Courtesy of  Wowhead

Phase One: 60% – 35%

  • Move to one side of the room when afflicted with  Plasma Discharge to spawn the  Blood Storm pools close to one another.
  • Move 30 yards away from the area coated with  Blood Storm pools to completely avoid the damage from  Cudgel of Gorewhen it is cast.
  • Remain close to the boss to allow yourself a better chance at sidestepping the bolts sent out by the  Sanguine Static cone.

Phase Two: 70 Seconds

  • Stack up as a group to cause the Volatile Droplet adds to funnel towards the group. This makes cleaving them down and crowd controlling them with AoE spells much easier.
  • Move as a group each time a  Blood Storm pool spawns from a Coalesced Blood add.
  • Don’t fall off the edge of the elevator…

Phase Three: 35% – 0%

Other Useful Tips

  • If this is your first time raiding either through PUGs or via a Guild run, don’t be that guy/gal. Come prepared. Bring feasts, flasks and all that good stuff for self buffs.
  • Hitting Shift+J to open your adventure guide to briefly read the encounter goes a long way to understanding the phases and mechanic.
  • Those that can and are willing to supply repair anvil, drop em every few wipes. This saves the group from too much downtime between fights.
  • For PUGS and if you are one of the lead Tanks, suggest voice chat, and enforce it. This will help ensure smoother runs.

Big thanks to the folks at Fatboss TV for this great visual guide as well.


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