Big Week For Albion Online And Founders As Galahad Update Goes Live

Big Week For Albion Online And Founders As Galahad Update Goes Live

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Big Week For Albion Online And Founders As Galahad Update Goes Live

This is going to be a huge week for Albion Online. This sandbox MMORPG will be opening its doors early to all three player Founders this week.

Legendary Founders who paid $99.95 for the highest tier can already play the game. For Epic and Veteran Founders, the start dates are today and tomorrow respectively. The world is totally open to players this week and the time to explore this sandbox MMORPG has come.

Besides that, the Galahad update is also live. The update introduces a complete revamp of the world as we covered previously. There are more awesome biomes that are expertly designed. There’s deserts, jungles, oasis and more that simply beautiful. The update also brings a new Royal Continent and Outlands, which is a new black zone continent.

Players can also visit unique cities as part of a new and improved PVE experience for the game. If that wasn’t enough, there are now massive Guardian world bosses that players can take down together. Doing so will earn you great rewards including experience points and loot.

On the technical side of things, the UI system also received a complete overhaul. This will make the gaming experience more streamlined. The Galahad update will be the last major content before the game officially launches for the public in July.

Are you excited to be jumping into Albion Online? I for one, am hyped to experience this MMORPG. I totally dig the style of the game, and how it promises to offer something traditional theme park MMOs cannot. It is also interesting how items and gear are lootable by enemies and can be broken if you’re not careful. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments!








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