Black Desert Mobile Gets First Major Update: Mediah

Black Desert Mobile Gets First Major Update: Mediah

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Pearl Abyss has launched the first major content update for Black Desert Mobile and various holiday events that are now live for Adventurers around the globe to enjoy.

This update includes a new region, South Mediah, which introduces areas like Altinova, Abun Village, Abandoned Iron Mines, and Marni’s Second Lab. This region brings a trove of new content including new quests and Boss Rushes.

In addition, the max level cap for characters has been increased from 55 to 60, while the maximum Enhancement level cap for weapons and armor has been increased from 30 to 35. High-level Adventurers with stronger weapons can enjoy new battlefields and the release of powerful Mystical gear.

The Hammer of Fortune Event is also live, just in time for the holidays. This mini-game gives Adventurers a chance to gain coveted rewards, including a Tier 3 Snowman pet. Each row of blocks offers a special reward, and the event will be accessible until the end of this year.

Following the global release of Black Desert Mobile on December 11, total downloads have reached 20 million worldwide, and the number of Adventurers is growing fast. Along with the previous launches in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, Black Desert Mobile is continuing to grow with both its regional and global communities.

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