Black Desert Online Launches Atoraxxion Dungeon Act II: Scars of the Abyss

Black Desert Online Launches Atoraxxion Dungeon Act II: Scars of the Abyss

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Pearl Abyss is excited to announce that Black Desert Online has been updated with the second act of the recently added Atoraxxion Dungeon. This exciting new content will enthrall adventurers who are looking for a new co-operative PvE challenge. Console players will be able to start with the Scars of the Abyss content next week.

The Atoraxxion co-op dungeon was designed specifically to introduce new PVE challenges to Black Desert Online. This is the very first dungeon to appear in Black Desert Online and focuses on co-op play for groups of 5 adventurers. There are four acts to the dungeon, each having a unique theme: desert, underwater, canyon and forest.

The Scars of the Abyss section of Atorraxion revolves around an underwater themed dungeon named “Sycrakea” which mixes concepts of heat and cold for its new puzzles and challenges. The environment is very different from the first “Vahmalkea” act and this content includes a new story and lore regarding Syca, the second disciple of the ancient sage “Rux”. Sycrakea has mind bending puzzles that allow players to wield elemental powers and a towering end-boss that will require all of a party’s dedication and skill to put to rest. 

The dungeon comes with two difficulties and many rewards are in store for those who can successfully complete Sycrakea’s challenges. Up until October 20th, Adventurers can look forward to special Sycrakea-themed furniture once they defeat the end-boss and to help players on their way, anyone who redeems the coupon code ATOR-AXXI-ONPA-RTII up until November 3 will get a Talibre’s Tear, a key item that grants entrance to the Atoraxxion dungeon.

Last but not least, Black Desert on PC and Console will be updated next week with all new Halloween content that has a unique Steampunk vibe this year. Mad scientist Marni has left many dangerous contraptions and experiments in the world of Black Desert, one being even more dangerous than the other that will make adventurers shiver. More information regarding Halloween will be unveiled next week.

For more information on the Atoraxxion dungeon and the new Halloween content, please visit the official website for PC or Console.

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