Black Desert Online Will Remaster Game Graphics

Black Desert Online Will Remaster Game Graphics

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Black Desert Online Will Remaster Game Graphics

Black Desert Online are looking at remastering the game’s graphics. Developers Pearl Abyss have mentioned it previously, but it has been made official at the GDC this year.

Among the things shown were how the graphic effects would look after using the “YEBIS” system. I have to say, they look spectacular. It’s almost impossible to think that an MMORPG could look this good.

The game also says that they are constantly trying to provide players will a better visual experience. This will happen as they keep up with the evolution of hardware. The upgrade is expected to roll out later in the year.

When it comes to online game graphics, Black Desert Online wins. It’s hard to compete against a game that takes its visuals seriously. The game’s character models are some of the most realistic and best looking ones in the genre. The world is rich and vibrant too, and that’s why many players love the game.

However I can’t help but wonder if this is really what’s needed for BDO right now. I mean, the game is already the top dog when it comes to graphics. Why improve it further? If I’m being totally honest, I don’t think this should be a top priority right now. Many players might agree with me that other areas of the game needs more attention.

For example, class balance should be looked at again. Right now BDO suffers from flavor of the week syndrome, where some classes are better than others at PVP. On top of that PVE issues are a plenty. Upgrading gear through the level grind and systems grinds is poor at the moment. It’s possibly the single largest negative that many players have shared about their experience in BDO.







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