Black Desert SEA's Pet Event Offers Three Free Pets and Bonus XP

Black Desert SEA’s Pet Event Offers Three Free Pets and Bonus XP

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Black Desert SEA invites Adventurers to grab special rewards that will make their adventures more productive. Adventurers can have a special bonding experience with their in-game pets while enjoying the second week of the Open Season in Black Desert SEA.

Adventurers can collect various rewards by starting it off with in-game pets. Three new quests have been added where Adventurers can get three adorable pets—the Shaggy Dog in Balenos, the Sky Hawk in Calpheon, and the Juniad Cat in Mediah. Moreover, training and breeding horses until October 16 will increase a chance of getting higher-tier horses in addition to extra 50% Mount EXP and 100% Training EXP. Horse owners can also enjoy leveling up their horses to level 15 or more for additional rewards through Imperial Delivery to Stable Keeper NPC of each village.

To make the reward collection more plentiful, Open Season will continue until October 16, where chances of getting a Rarity/Fortune Pouch will be high for those who experience Hunting, Gathering, and Fishing. Last but not least, Guild Attendance Rewards will be held until December 31 where Adventurers can get special items such as Advice of Valks, Blessing of Kamasylve, and Fine Accessory Box II. With these new events running, Black Desert SEA advises all Adventurers to begin their item hunting festivities!

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