BlackShot: Revolution Available Now Worldwide

BlackShot: Revolution Available Now Worldwide

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BlackShot: Revolution Available Now Worldwide

Join the Revolution today as BlackShot: Revolution is available now worldwide through both the Southeast Asia and Global game clients. BlackShot: Revolution is a modernized systemic overhaul of the classic Free-to-Play BlackShot tactical online Mercenary FPS experience. Revolution fully emphasizes ‘play-to-win’, rather than the ‘pay-to-win’attitude often found in similar free-to-play games.
Highlights include:

  • Rebalanced weapons and replacement of weapon usage timers with new permanent items and playtime-focused ‘Durability’ system.
  • Formal release of the intense new ranked Competitive Mode (Season 1 begins two weeks after the Revolution launch).
  • Redesigned game menu, UI, and in-game storefront for a streamlined player experience.
  • Vastly expanded character customization options, making all costume items available for all playable characters.
  • Reworked Clan and social options.
  • New thematically-appropriate earnable game currencies, Gold and Gems.
  • Upgraded visuals for weapons, characters, select maps, and costume items.
  • Website ‘Hall of Fame’ immortalizing player service records from BlackShot Classic.
  • And many more tweaks, optimizations and fixes.

BS:R releases alongside several in-game and community events to help celebrate the occasional, offering free items and boosted experience point and Gold gains for a limited time. Players returning to the game may also be eligible to receive a Veteran’s Supply Package full of valuable permanent items based on their previous BlackShot Classic service record — the full Supply Package details can be found on the game website.
The release of BlackShot: Revolution signals the beginning of the new chapter of updates and content releases, including upcoming new weapons, maps, characters, game modes, and more. The Blackshot Team is very excited to share BlackShot: Revolution with the game community, and looks forward to continuing working with player feedback to make the game the best it can be.

Check out the new BlackShot: Revolution Official Website for further launch details:


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