Blade & Soul 3rd Anniversary: All The New Rewards You Need To See!

Blade & Soul 3rd Anniversary: All The New Rewards You Need To See!

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The Blade & Soul: 3rd Anniversary Festival is a time for celebration and brings with it some exciting events with flashy rewards, including the NCSOFT West-designed Anniversary Costume Set and more. Players can expect a ton of shiny new rewards and activities to get them, so here’s a rundown of what’s new this year. The Anniversary event will run from January 16 to February 6.

Custom Nike Sneakers

To celebrate Blade & Soul’s 3rd Anniversary, we’re bringing the Blade & Soul community an opportunity to score an exclusive, customized pair of Blade & Soul Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

These limited-edition sneakers featured a laser-etched Naryu Gold color design against the Silverfrost White base and come stored in a custom, powder-coated metal case with a special dye-sublimated shoe bag and information card. These incredible collectibles are exclusively available through our sweepstakes during the 3rd Anniversary Festival.  Read on to find out more about your chance to win these amazing “Blade & Soles”! Details on the sweepstakes to win can be found here.


New 365 Days Premium Membership Costume

Every year, around the Blade & Soul Anniversary, the game will be updating the 365 Day Premium Membership costume with a new offering. As such, the Righteous Blade Costume and Hongmoon Swan Feather Bonus Item will be replaced with the Fable Costume Set (including Cat Costume Set) after the January 16 maintenance.

Anniversary Tokens Costumes

For three weeks, beginning January 16, Jadestone Village will be decorated in honor of Blade & Soul’s 3rd Anniversary. Collect 3rd Anniversary Tokens by completing the daily quest “Zulia’s Challenge” that sends you off to defeat 3 of the following 7 bosses:



Mushin’s Tower 15F Naksun
Mushin’s Tower 20F Yunsang
Naryu Sanctum Xanos
Irontech Forge Yoong
Ebondrake Lair Dark Vicar
Hollow’s Heart Jurupo
The Drowning Deeps Numok


After defeating the bosses, use the “/wave” emote with Zulia in Jadestone Village to complete the quest and receive 1 Anniversary Gift Box, which contains 1 or 2 3rd Anniversary Tokens.

To earn an additional 2 Anniversary Tokens each day, complete the day’s featured Daily Quest. And to help you earn the tokens quickly, the following quests qualify for the 3rd Anniversary daily quest “Zulia’s Challenge” and are also part of the day’s Daily Challenge.

Festival Party Box and Celebration Crate

To help you enjoy the festivities and give you a hot new look for the birthday bash are the Party Box & Celebration Crate – a staple for any parties going on in the Earthen Realm.

Party Box Price: 1 NCoin [Limit 1 per account, per day]

Available until February 6

Be the life of the party with a Party Box – available for just 1 NCoin, once per day, per account, in the Hongmoon Store! This box will give you useful items, and you could even get lucky and receive a Celebration Crate.

Celebration Crate individual Price: 139 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin each (Limit 20 per day with Hongmoon Coin)

x10 Price: 1,251 NCoin (10% discount)

x50 Price: 5,560 NCoin (20% discount)

Available until February 6

Each Celebration Crate offers a chance at exclusive tradable cosmetics, upgrade materials, Dyad Gems, and more! You’ll also receive special Lucky Coins from every box, which you can spend in the Dragon Express!

For all the details about the new rewards, head on over to the official website.

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