Blade & Soul Revolution's April Update Merges Battlefields Among Other New Features

Blade & Soul Revolution’s April Update Merges Battlefields Among Other New Features

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A new update from Netmarble’s Blade & Soul Revolution, its new open world RPG, recently launched and features a handful of permanent and limited-time zones for players to enjoy, alongside other improvements and changes made to the game.
Two new zones are now open for players to explore. Ruins of Resent, a new War Zone, is a hunting ground reserved for top players that is open to experience, while a new limited-time dungeon exclusively for Blade & Soul Revolution’s New Moon campaign is now live. By conquering the dungeon, players will collect event coins which can be exchanged for limited-time rewards like Seasonal Costumes, and an Awakened Fleeso Heroic Pet.
Other improvements and changes for Blade & Soul Revolution include:

  • Moonlight Village Spinning Wheel – All players who participate in this event can receive 400 Silver Moons and other special rewards like additional coins, equipment, and more
  • Integrated matching that supports matching between servers, which allows PvP combat with players of other servers, is now live
  • Various convenience and UI / UX improvements

Blade & Soul Revolution is an Open World Mobile RPG that translates breathtaking cinematic stories of revenge based on the PC online game of Blade & Soul. The game stays true to its PC roots with a high level of full 3D graphics and large-scale content that has been revamped to perform flawlessly on mobile devices. It displays eastern-fantasy world with stunning full 3D graphics backed by the Unreal Engine 4, offering massive real-time faction battle and incomparable hands-on action experience.
Blade & Soul Revolution is now available as a free download (with in-app purchases) in 149 countries via the App Store, and 126 countries on Google Play. For more information on event-related news and tips, please follow Blade & Soul Revolution on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Discord.

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