Bless Online Japanese Closed Beta Begins April 28

Bless Online Japanese Closed Beta Begins April 28

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Bless Online Japanese Closed Beta Begins April 28

Bless Online is set to begin its Japanese closed beta tests on the 28th of April. Japanese players will have the opportunity to take part in the very first localized beta for the game.

Unfortunately for everyone else, we’ll just have to wait for new information about Bless Online. While there definitely are plans for a Western release, we will not see it any time soon. Following in the footsteps of Archeage and Black Desert Online, it seems like Bless will make the rounds in Asia and Russia first.

So unless you’re fluent in Japanese, cross your fingers for translated leaks (Japanese players, don’t this seriously). But seriously, the hype surrounding bless is growing steadily. From the official tidbits we’ve been getting, it’s fairly obvious that this is one MMORPG worth checking out.

We have to obviously start with the game’s graphics. Bless is running on Unreal Engine 3, and from screenshots the character model and worlds look crisp and beautiful. Others may claim this is only a BDO clone, but we still haven’t seen what the classes can do on top of questing and progression.

I really want to know what payment model is going to be too. Free to play? Buy to play? Subscriptions are so 2010, so we can safely rule that one out.



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