Bless Unleashed PC: Guide To The Final Beta

Bless Unleashed PC: Guide To The Final Beta

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Bless Unleashed PC’s final beta test is only days away, and if you’re wondering about the details, wonder no further. Read below for all the info.

1. Test Schedule

– May 13th, 2021 02:00 – May 17th, 2021 01:59 (CEST)
– May 12th, 2021 17:00 – May 16th, 2021 16:59 (PDT)

2. Pre-download Schedule

– Steam Platform: May 9th, 2021 06:00 (PDT)
> Pre-download will be made available to players in sequence beginning from the above time.
– Official Platform: May 10th, 2021 22:00 (PDT)

3. Game Information

  • There are no level or content restrictions.
  • During the Final Test, characters within the Asia region’s KR, JP, and ASIA servers can be created with names in either English, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese.
  • Please note that the above character naming policy only applies during the Final Test. The previous character naming policy will be used for official launch.
  • Character Name Policy
    – Must contain between 2 to 12 characters.
    – Cannot contain special characters, space, or banned words.
    – Cannot only contain numbers (up to 6 numbers may be used.)
  • Region and Server
    – The structure of the region and server has been changed to improve the matchmaking experience.
  • Please take note of the following information.

※ Selecting the Region in the Game Launcher

  • Run the game launcher
  • Login, then select the region (located near the bottom.

※ Regions and Servers

  • Region: NA, EU, ASIA
  • Server: NA – NA, EU – EU, ASIA – ASIA / JP / KR (3 Servers)

※ Notes

  • Matchmaking is based on region, therefore players in the KR, JP, and ASIA server of the ASIA region will be able to play together through matchmaking.
4. Events
1) Premium Benefits Event!

During the Final Test period, premium benefit effects will be activated as an event to enhance the Final Test experience.

  • +50 Inventory Slots
  • Increases PvE XP Gain +50%
  • Increases PvE Gold Gain +10%
  • Increases Quest SXP Gain +10%
  • Increases HP Recovery at Soul Pyres +300%
  • Reduces Gathering/Mining/Logging Time -25%
  • Increases All Crafting XP Gain +10%
  • 5% Marketplace Fee Discount
  • 40% General Goods Merchant Recovery Potion Price Discount
2) Final Test Snapshot Event
  • This event will be held during the Final Test period, and details will be announced soon.
5. Testing In-game Lumena Shop

As this Final Test is the last test before the official launch, a test for the in-game cash shop will be performed as well. Final Test participants will be able to experience the cash shop with a cash currency that will be given to participating users. Check out the link below for more details.

Final Test Lumena Shop Guide (Link)

Final Test Participation Rewards

1. Participation Rewards

  • “Golden Hyaenodon” mount
  • “Breaker of Games” in-game title

2. Rewards for Official Account Linkage (During Final Test)

  • 7 Days Valor Perks (in-game item)

※ The participation rewards for all tests will be given at official launch.
※ Players who linked their Steam account to the official platform or have entered the game world at least once during the 2021 January CBT or Final Test will receive one “7 Days Valor Perks”.

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