CCP Games Reveal Eclipse, the Second Quadrant of 2020 for EVE Online

CCP Games Reveal Eclipse, the Second Quadrant of 2020 for EVE Online

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CCP Games are excited to reveal the second Quadrant of 2020 coming to the deep and uniquely player-driven spacefaring MMO game, EVE Online. Titled “Eclipse”, EVE Online’s Quadrant 2 will irrevocably shift the balance the power within EVE’s universe of New Eden.

“After a packed and successful Quadrant 1 with Fight or Flight, we are pushing the envelope even further for Quadrant 2 with Eclipse,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “We’re committed to making exciting changes to New Eden going forward, with events, updates and plenty of surprises that will touch all corners of New Eden!”

Offering a wealth of new rewards and challenges, Eclipse will encompass new live events, celebrations, login campaigns, visual updates, huge balance changes, new and mysterious ships and weapons, as well as the third and final chapter of the Invasion expansion. Watch the trailer for Eclipse below:

Also revealed today is the return to New Eden of The Hunt, starting 6 April. In this limited-time live event, Capsuleers will be tasked with the challenge of hunting down and scanning numerous capsules in order to gain access to special event sites promising amazing rewards and crucial materials. With a focus on smaller ship classes like Frigates and Destroyers, pilots with less experience and fewer skills trained can participate in this event. Furthermore, player pods destroyed during The Hunt will have a chance of dropping their hard-earned implants as loot! Keen eyes should look out for special “Huntmaster” versions of these sites in Caldari Lowsec and Guristas systems… With EVE celebrating its 17th anniversary in May, Eclipse is only the start of seismic changes hurtling towards the denizens of New Eden. Part 3 of the Triglavian Invasion storyline is set to unfold with players influencing the outcome of this star-spanning conflict. The landscape of New Eden will never be the same again, forcing players to adapt to new and unprecedented challenges. In addition, CCP is continuing to improve and enhance the early experience of EVE Online for new players, including substantial Quality of Life changes, redesigning UI elements for increased clarity, and updating tutorials to name just a few modifications. EVE Online can be downloaded for free by visiting For all the latest information about the game, please visit EVE Updates.

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