Check Out A Demo For Stealth JRPG Hemegone Pass Now On Kickstarter

Check Out A Demo For Stealth JRPG Hemegone Pass Now On Kickstarter

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Stealth JRPG, “Hegemone Pass”, has launched on Kickstarter alongside a downloadable demo. Hunt your citizens or be hunted, this 2D side scrolling JRPG emphasizes stealth in both exploration and battle, and is being developed for Windows, Linux and possibly Switch.

You are the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, and your entire kingdom, the Underworld, has been taken over by the goddess Demeter after she stole your Supreme Title. Without the title, you are powerless, and Stealth dictates whether you live or fall. When exploring, the on-field enemy encounters won’t just dash at you when they spot you: they will pray for help, summoning the Hunt: enemies will swarm, their power increasing based on how much time is left on the alert, and nearby reinforcements will jump into your fights.

Detected or not, you’ll be battling in turn-based battles, and for both allies and foes, one of each is designated as the Leader: eliminating them is the key to victory! However, Leaders activate their “Title”, empowering their allies or oppressing their foes. Lastly, the Leader status can also be passed around from ally to ally with the titular technique “Hegemone Pass”, activating a new ally’s “Title”. When hunted, enemy titles are boosted based on the remaining time, making any encounter a potentially deadly one. To survive such encounters, eliminating the enemy Leader is your top priority.

A demo, containing a “pilot” styled story and showcasing a sample of the game’s mechanics, is available for download. The funds raised on Kickstarter will be used to work full-time  on the game’s development, and pay for music that will be composed by Paradoxigent. The finished game is planned for a June 2020 release.

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