Conqueror's Blade: Season III Soldiers of Fortune Details Right Here!

Conqueror’s Blade: Season III Soldiers of Fortune Details Right Here!

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Conqueror’s Blade “Season III: Soldiers of Fortune” is available to download and play for free today! Developer Booming Games and global publisher MY.GAMES invite players to recruit the ruthless Soldiers of Fortune and face brand-new challenges in the Season III Battle Pass. Warlords can shake up the battlefield with the Maul weapon class, hire five new units, and look forward to a host of rewards, cosmetics, and features.

New Weapon Class: The Maul

The eleventh playable weapon class joins the fray for Season III! Players can equip their warlord with the Maul, a heavy, two-handed war hammer that can smash defences and splinter ranks with blunt force trauma. Equipped with a range of devastatingly powerful skills, the Maul can be unlocked through the Season III Battle Pass as a free reward at level 25.

Battle Pass and Challenges

Players progress through the Battle Pass to collect unique cosmetics only available during Season III. In addition to the Maul and challenges to unlock four new units, there’s a vast selection of season-exclusive cosmetics items and other valuable content to earn. There are over 100 levels of rewards in the Season III Battle Pass, which unlock new Hero and Unit attires inspired by the Soldiers of Fortune.

5 New Units Including Artillery

Booming Games introduces four new seasonal units to unlock through the Battle Pass. The Soldiers of Fortune hail from sunny Sicania, their pockets lined with gold and their notorious reputations preceding them. Players can clear special Unit Challenges to unlock them, then permanently recruit these sellswords to fight for their cause!

  • Pavise Crossbowmen (Tier 5) are paid well enough to afford heavy shields and crossbows capable of puncturing chainmail.
  • Fortebraccio Pikemen (Tier 4) are cavalry killers that take their name from their fallen captain Mastino Fortebracci, a legendary soldier of fortune.
  • Condottieri Guards (Tier 3) are swordsmen well-balanced in attack and defence and are typically the first to charge and last to retreat.
  • Falconetti Gunners (Tier 5) are the game’s first artillery unit, armed with cutting-edge, gunpowder-fuelled cannons that can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.
  • A new Mercenary unit can be recruited by spending Silver or Sovereigns on the Unit Tree: the Martellatori (Tier 1). Though not mighty warriors, these hulking builders can push siege engines and easily soak up damage that would kill lesser men.

More To Come In Season III!

Upcoming patches will roll out further graphical updates, polishing, rebalancing, and optimisations as the season progresses. Warlords can complete a new set of 10 Weekly Challenges, with new players able to unlock a free Tier 3 and Tier 4 Unit of their choice via a new login event! Later in the season, Ranked Matchmaking will make its introduction, and the return of the Conqueror’s City will once again be the apex of competition in “Season III: Soldiers of Fortune”.

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