Warframe's Deimos: Arcana Update Live On PC

Warframe’s Deimos: Arcana Update Live On PC

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Digital Extremes has launched a new update for Warframe on PC this past week. Deimos: Arcana extends the Heart of Deimos experience with vast offensive firepower — led by the brutally powerful second Necramech the “Bonewidow” — and a balanced set of additions and improvements that build upon the expansion’s beautifully grotesque open-world gameplay.

Tenno (players’ in-game name) can counter attack the Infested seemingly infinite infantry with unmatched ferocity by suiting up in the Necramech, a shield-wielding Thano-Tech mech equipped with a sword. Players can impale and then throw enemies into the air with Bonewidow, who also carries a deadly Infested rocket launcher, bringing immensely powerful fun and grisly experimentation to the Cambion Drift.

To confront new enemies like the Mitosid (that, when shot, duplicates!), a new assortment of weapons, items, and specialty Warframes will be available. By completing missions and earning standing, Tenno can arm themselves with Infested Beam Pistols, Cernos, Nunchaku, Arm Cannons, new Kit Guns, Arcanes, Augments, and more. They can collect the beautifully glassy Gara Deluxe Collection, earn standing at Grandma’s Remedy Workshop, pick up new Infested K-Drive Skins and much more.

Strengthening player desire to explore the pustulating landscape of the Cambion Drift, we’ve built four deep new underground levels. Combined with Vault Bounties and Hunting and Conservation offerings, players will have more depth and variety than ever before in their open world journeys. Gather more slithery details on Deimos: Arcana by visiting Warframe.com.

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