CROSSFIRE: Warzone Adds Alliance Raid Feature And More Updates

CROSSFIRE: Warzone Adds Alliance Raid Feature And More Updates

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CROSSFIRE: Warzone introduces the ‘Alliance Raid System’ for players and Alliances seeking more teamwork-based challenges.

The new Alliance Raid System allows players to rally together with their Alliance members against a powerful foe for an epic team combat experience. Players can summon the Raid monsters by installing the Massive Organic Weapon Lure (an Alliance building). Players must work together to defeat the enemy that has been summoned within the MOW Lure’s range. Upon defeating the summoned MOW, players will receive two types of rewards depending on their stage of progression. They can receive an individual reward and an Alliance reward. This new system will test the Alliance’s teamwork, precision, and dedication.

Another addition to the game will be the different Titles that are available for some Alliance members. These new, in-game Titles will be given out to R4 members in the Alliance by the Alliance Leader. The Titles will help players figure out who to talk to, making Alliance communication smoother than ever before. The R4 members who get appointed with the Titles will also gain buffs as long as they maintain their given title.

The game will also be expanding the level cap of all buildings to 32, with the addition of some Tier 11 units. New research topics have been added along with other improvements for a more refined end-game experience.

Details regarding the Alliance Raid System and other updates are available on the official website and community sites.

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