Crossout Update Adds New Game Modes And Reworked Enemy AI

Crossout Update Adds New Game Modes And Reworked Enemy AI

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Crossout Update Adds New Game Modes And Reworked Enemy AI

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainmenttoday announce the release of Update 0.8.3 for Crossout, the post-apocalyptic MMO action game. The update adds new game modes for both PvP and PvE, a new map, and significantly improves the AI enemies, which are now much more varied and smarter.

The new PvP mode is called “Bedlam” and is open to all Crossout players, regardless of their level. Respawns in this mode are unlimited, allowing players to put their constructions to the test against other players and quickly find out which parts of their design work and which don’t. Once the ride is perfected, the unforgiving battles of “Bedlam” are a great way to improve tactics and teamwork.

In the new PvE mission “Frontier Defense” players need to re-capture an oil rig that was previously lost to a group of raiders. After having been pushed out of the area by the enemy, players now have to mount a counterattack to reach the rig and defeat all enemies protecting it. As soon as the area is secured, players are able to repair disabled raider defense turrets and continue to protect the rig against multiple waves of enemies.

All computer-controlled (AI) enemies featured in Crossout’s PvE modes have seen a significant rework to more closely represent the different factions present in game. Having learnt additional tricks, the AI is now far more dangerous in battle. Enemies from the “Lunatics” faction, for example, will show up in large numbers and pry on the player with the least amount of hitpoints in close combat.

“Nomad” enemies will employ modern technologies like drones and stealth generators and generally favor combat from a distance. The factions opposing the player in PvE change regularly, making it necessary to also change tactics as well. For now, AI enemies of the Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers are available. With future updates, reworked enemies of the other factions will be added as well.

For more Crossout information, check out the official site here.


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