Crowfall Delays Soft Launch To 2018

Crowfall Delays Soft Launch To 2018

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Crowfall Delays Soft Launch To 2018

For those of you following Crowfall or are backers, we’ve got news. ArtCraft Entertainment are delaying the game’s soft launch to early 2018. In an announcement, Co-founders Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton explained the situation.

“It’s pretty apparent that we’re not going to soft launch Crowfall by the end of this year. We know that won’t be a shock to most of you. This has been a FANTASTIC year of progress for the project; we have functional Kingdoms, Campaigns running 24-7 in our LIVE environment, and the 5.3 version (with separate Races and Classes, the Skills revamp and more) just rolled out to TEST.”

“But “progress” isn’t the same as “done”, and obviously there isn’t enough time left in 2017 to get everything done. For that reason, we’re resetting the “line in the sand” to next year and we’re going to push like hell to get the game to soft launch as early in 2018 as we can. I’m not going to give a more specific date than that because the goal isn’t (and has never been) to make some artificial deadline. The goal is to make Crowfall a virtual world unlike any other, a game where we hand the fate of the world to you, the players.”

Check out the full announcement on the official website here.

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