Top 5 Best Online Anime Games 2018

Top 5 Best Online Anime Games 2018

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Top 5 Best Online Anime Games 2018

The world of online anime games is very competitive and If you’re an anime fan there are a great number of games to choose from. To make things easier for you, we rounded up the top 5 best online anime games worth playing in 2018.


Naruto online

Naruto online is a turn based RPG. You pick a ninja from 5 classes and instantly get in to the action. After choosing your main hero you also recruit familiar ninjas from the Naruto world like Naruto himself and Sasuke. You from a team of ninjas and battle other familiar ninjas from the Naruto world in turn based automated combat. The game features a great art style loyal to the source and some nice music and sound effects. You should check out Naruto online if you’re into Naruto at all.


Bleach Online

The next game on our list is Bleach Online. Bleach Online is also a turn based RPG similar to Naruto Online. You pick a character out of 3 classes. Each class has a male and female variant. After picking a character you also recruit characters from the Bleach universe. Combat is automated and turn based like most of these types of games. If you like Bleach, Bleach Online might be worth checking out.



One Piece Online 2

One Piece Online 2 is also similar to Naruto and Bleach online. You get to choose a character out of 4 classes. You also recruit characters from the One Piece universe. The game has a cool art style and some great animations. Combat is similar to Naruto and Bleach and is turn based and automated. If you’re looking for a pirate adventure in the world of One Piece go check out One Piece Online 2.


Sword Art Online Legends

Sword Art Online Legends is a one of the coolest games on this list. The game has 4 characters to choose from and you recruit characters from the Sword Art Online universe as you progress and level up. Sword Art Online Legends takes a different approach and offers 3D character models on a 2D background and it looks great. Combat and most of the game is automated so you can leave it on and come back to it every now and then to keep progressing. The game has some pretty cool animations and art loyal to the source material. If you enjoy idle games and like Sword Art Online give this game a shot.



Elsword Online

Finally at the end of our list what I consider the best online anime game, Elsword Online. Elsword Online is a 2.5D sidescrolling beat’em up MMORPG. The game features 3 character classes to choose from with different play styles. The art and music is enjoyable but most importantly the gameplay is fun. I have yet to watch Elsword but I think this game is worth looking into even if you’re like me and haven’t watched the show. Whether you’re an Elsword fan or not, Elsword Online is a fun sidescrolling MMORPG and definitely worth playing.



These were our Top 5 best online anime games for 2018. let us know what you think over on our facebook!

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