Crowfall Introduces New Stornborn Race

Crowfall Introduces New Stornborn Race

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Crowfall Introduces New Stornborn Race

A new race is being introduced in Crowfall, and it’s the Stormborn. Thomas “Blixtev” Blair has a shared a blog post that fully details this new race and what they’re all about.

Essentially, the new class are the dwarves. Within Crowfall’s world, they are a younger race compared to Elves and the Fae. So how will it impact the gameplay? Crowfall’s Racial Runestones takes care of that – by equipping a Runestone, players are free to tinker with the passive and active racial abilities.

Eldest of the races, the Stoneborn are not mortal beings of flesh and bone. They are enchanted creatures shaped of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots.”

The Stoneborn Racial Discipline grants an attribute bonus to Strength, Spirit, and Constitution; and additionally, they get a Bloodline Power (a free passive). In addition, the new race can be several classes, including Knight, Champion, Myrmidon and Cleric.

Thus, the Stoneborn will add an interesting new element to Crowfall’s combat. It’s natural durability thanks to its passive and active abilities will be sought after by many players.

To learn more about the new class, check out the blog post here.

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