Dataminers Reveal Elder Scrolls Online Upcoming Elsweyr Chapter And Necromancer Class

Dataminers Reveal Elder Scrolls Online Upcoming Elsweyr Chapter And Necromancer Class

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Prolific dataminers UESP have revealed that Elder Scrolls Online will be taking us to Elswyer, the land of the Khajeet in 2019. In addition, the leaks also reveals that a new class is coming to ESO in the form of the Necromancer. If true, the Necromancer will be the sixth class for the Elder Scrolls Online, joining the Warden, Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer and Nightblade. In total, the leaks reveals that there will be 4 updates in total, one Chapter and 3 DLCs, all related to the new storyline in Elsweyr.

Intriguingly, the new content will revolve around Dragons. While no information have come out regarding the extent of the part that dragons will play in ESO this year, many players are excited. Zenimax Online Studios broke silence hours after, posting a date for an upcoming livestream on January 15th to reveal if the dataminers got their stuff right. Keep an eye out on official channels for the upcoming stream.

For pictures of icons including upcoming mounts and pets to Elder Scrolls Online in 2019 from the leaks, check out the video below. Overall, we’re pretty excited to be getting a brand new zone in the upcoming chapter. Additionally, a new class is always a good thing for an MMORPG and we can’t wait to see what the Necromancer brings to the table.

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